Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spotlight Sunday: Julie

Spotlight Sunday is a weekly blog post dedicated to one person that has inspired me to be a better person. This will include people I have known all my life, met recently, and/or know only through blogging. If you want to be a part of Spotlight Sunday, then just be patient! I'll get to you, I promise. :)

Who is Julie?
Julie is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, singer, seamstress, teacher, and friend.

How do I know Julie?
Well, in the sixth grade, I had a lot of classes with this certain boy. He was a cool boy, and unlike most boys my age, he was actually very nice to me. We were friends and his "girlfriend" happened to be Julie. She was in another "track" (group of classes), and so I only got the chance to meet her through this boy. They didn't last long (what sixth grade romance lasts long?), but she and I have been friends ever since.
In high school, I was her designated accompanist; I seriously accompanied her for most of those years, whether for seminary, solo and ensemble festivals, or Junior Miss performances in neighboring cities. We sang in choir together, took AP classes together, worked on projects together (one was called A Plethora of Plots by William Shakespeare, and boy that video presentation was nuts!), and had the same friends.
We went our separate ways after high school, although we kept in touch. When I got married, however, we kind of lost track of each other. I remember one day receiving her wedding announcement in the mail and I was so excited! Since then, we've kept better tabs on each other, but it wasn't until she decided to join the world of Blogging that our friendship re-blossomed. The best part? I moved back to Utah, and that means I get to see her in person every once in a while. Whoo-hoo!

What is it about Julie that inspires me?
  1. Confidence: Julie has always had this amazing confidence that astounds me. I'm not sure if that came because of personality, being the last child in her family, or from experience, but her confidence has stood out in my mind for many years now (nearly 17 of 'em). She sang with confidence, she answered questions in class with confidence, she proudly stood by her opinions; and I admired her for it. Still do, really! She may claim she lacks confidence, but I would disagree. She oozes confidence. All you have to do is read her comments to see it.
  2. Testimony: Julie's spirituality has always had strength (well, unless she had a huge lapse somewhere in there that I don't know about). From serving an honorable mission to her recent desire to help us all through reading the scriptures, Julie has never been embarrassed about her testimony. Even now, as I read her blog, or speak to her in person, you can see how much she loves the Gospel --but not in a preachy way. She just exudes the light of Christ; she has His countenance. She truly does.
  3. Intelligence: Julie is sharp! Fast as a whip and, hoo-ee! does she have wit. If any of you have had the chance to banter with her, you'll know what I mean. But beyond that, she is smart. Truly smart! I remember wondering in high school what she would be when she grew up. I always pictured her as a reporter, or a diplomat, or perhaps a professor. I figured she would excel at whatever it was she decided to do, and boy, I was right! Julie chose to be a wife and mother. I think that proves she's a genius. What better place for intelligence than in the home? Another part of her intelligence is her sense of humor. I won't elaborate, just go read her comments on every post I've ever written. She's witty, eh? Yeah! She's too funny. :)
  4. Talents: Julie sings. She's a lover of music and she's good at it! And you can believe me, since I was her accompanist and all. Julie also sews. I didn't know she sewed, but she does! And she's good at that, too. She is a fab card maker. See these cute cards? Julie is also a teacher. Right now, she's teaching the Relief Society in her ward, and she teaches her children. See?? Confidence and Intelligence has spilled over into Talents! Julie is also very good at cleaning and keeping a nice home. Perhaps not laundry, though (a girl after my own heart!). Julie is also the best little-girl-hair-doer-person (I made that title up, if you weren't sure). Her daughters have the cutest hair, ever (not to mention the cutest clothes). Oh, and Julie can write, and write well. Just read her blog if you don't believe me. She is a woman of many, many talents.
  5. Friendship/Family: Julie is kind and loving; one of those people whose genuine concern for other people is evident in the things that she does. The way she talks about her family, her children, her husband, her friends, her acquaintances prove that she sincerely cares about people. I appreciate this in Julie because I know when I communicate with her that she cares about me. And that means the world to me, because I care about her, too. Julie is a fabulous friend! I hope all of you can get to know her better and consider her a friend, too.

Love you, Julie!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Julie rocketh!

Julie said...

Cheryl, I'm blushing and tearing up at the same time! I had no idea I was so great! :)
Thank you thank you thank you for your kind words. You are a real gem. And I love you. And thank you.

Julie said...

And really, that video was so great. Does anybody have it? So funny.

Anonymous said...

Julie is pretty awesome. Dang awesome. Awesome with rainbow sprinkles on top!

Janelle said...

Hooray for Julie!

TaLaisa said...

What an amazing tribute to a truly amazing woman!

Sara said...

amen to everything you said about julie! i am lucky enough to know her (in "real" life), too, and i think she's amazing. :)

Jill said...

I love Julie too! She was a great example to me in high school, a friend (and I was a freshman even), and an excellent public speaker. She's still all of those things. What an awesome girl!

Julie said...

You guys! Thank you! I'm blushing. And bowing. And secretly chuckling at how I have you all fooled. But mostly feeling grateful for good friends. Love you!

And bythelbs, don't think I missed that rainbow sprinkles reference. I don't think "on top" is the right phrase. More like "with rainbow sprinkles down the throat." But yours sounds much more acceptable in public. Good call.