Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame AI

I'm typing this as I watch it, so here we go!

David Cook:
1st Song: Boring. Booohhhhrrrriinnnnggg...Ooh! Funny thing. When Paula said "You left me with a big appetite!" hubby Brandon said "That's because it didn't leave you satisfied." Ha! I laughed. I really like the song (and Duran Duran), though, so it wasn't a total waste.
2nd Song: Weird ending; one not-so-good middle note, but other than that, I really liked it! David has a fab soft voice, and a fab loud voice. I like his "opposite" songs --where it goes soft and then loud. He's so good at dynamics! This, yes, I loved.

1st Song: Agreed with Simon. Sorry. When she was doing that hip dancing on the slow part, all I could think was "You're not Tina Turner. Stop trying to win these people over just because you have sex appeal." I was so annoyed. She sang it very well. But I was annoyed to the point of looking away.
2nd Song: Eh. She's pretty good. She really is! I know this, and yet I find myself not really liking her voice --the first song was actually better. When she hits those high and hard notes...yes! Like Randy just said! When she pushes out those notes, it feels forced. She needs to do Broadway, where she can sing belt. She's a belt singer, not a ballad singer. Ah, the tears are kind of sweet, though. Okay, now they are annoying. Stop crying! Next, please! (yeah, I'm heartless).

1st Song: Not sure. Good, but kind of "I'm trying to do Reggae, and I'm failing badly." Fun, though. Simon was too harsh; I liked Jason's enthusiasm.
2nd Song: Could have been great. Good song for him, but he screwed up. Bad. Bye, Jason!

David A.:
1st Song: Dude, this guy is going to win this competition. And if he doesn't, then you can all call me a liar. And an idiot. I thought this one was kind of cheesy, but his voice is just so nice. As much as I want to be annoyed with him, I can't. He's just too consistently good. The last "Stand" note was a little pinched, but other than that, the whole thing was great.
2nd Song: Elvis, eh? Okay, let's see what he's got...Okay, good start and pretty smooth...oops! One sharp note there...recovered nicely. Loved the falsetto/cracking part at the end. Made him vulnerable. David. Is. Going. To. Win.

Who should go home?
Duh! Jason.

Who will go home?
David A., David C., or Sayesha. Because, once again, the universe is against me.

What did you think?


Janelle said...

Oh man I liked all of it. Maybe anything would sound better than Neil Diamond week. I liked how animated Jason Castro was in his first song. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog about today's craziness. I had to privatize the post because the title was getting too many looky-loos. (I have no idea how to spell that) The title Deep breaths was apparently much more interesting than I had anticipated. No nap, I had to do some grocery shopping.

Julie said...

I agree. As a huge Jason fan, I am so sad to see him be so weak tonight. But it's true. He's a goner. But I did vote for him. David C was so not on his game tonight. At all. I totally said the exact same things as you while I was watching the show.
Syesha was great. Not great enough to win, but great enough to be 3rd place.
David A. the win-ner. He is the only one who is on every week. I loved his Elvis song. Stand by Me was okay for him, but amazing for anyone else.
Jason, Jason, Jason. I liked song 2, except for his serious blank-out. #1, I agree, Simon was too harsh. But it wasn't awesome. Too bad, because I love this kid. And I'll be buying his album.

Jamie J said...

I must be in a weird mood or something...I like David Cook and Jason's songs--even though he forgot the words. Syesha--boooooring! I agree with you that David A is going to win but I wonder if he will really have a future after he wins. I'm afraid he will just blend into the shadows because he can't sing songs that people are going to listen to. He has a flawless voice, but that's not necessarily going to get him anywhere. Just my opinion...

Anonymous said...

I wasn't excited about anyone last night. I mean for a rock 'n' roll hall of fame night this is it? Big. Yawn.

I must be in some kind of mood this morning because at the moment I don't really care who goes home.

P.S. Does anyone else feel the need to cover their eyes when Paula starts talking? I guess I should really be covering my ears.

Never A True Aggie said...

Once again, I agree. I missed David C's first song, but saw it on the recap at the end. Kind of cheesy. The Who song I thought was really good. I like that song generally and thought he had a good interpretation of it. Syesha..when will these kids just do a song their way instead of trying to be someone else. If you do Tina, then don't do EVERYTHING Tina. Second song was good. Randy was harsh, but it was good. David A...Yes, he did good, but I am still struggling with his demographic and worry he may go the way of Clay Akin. Jason, oh Jason. Not bad performances, but at this time in the competition, you have to take risks, you know. And, I thought he was kind of flippant...He is trying to satisfy himself rather than explore what he is capable of. We see it in students here at Don's school. Some of them are so talented, but get stuck in a rut because they think they are the BOMB in that rut. It is still a rut.

Ann said...

I'm with you. Jason's gotta go this week. He should've gone a few weeks ago. The fact that he's still in it while Brooke, Carly, and Michael went home is just plain sad.

Susan M said...

Here's what I want to happen:

Syesha goes this week. Jason next. David A crushes David C in the final.

Or, alternately:

David C goes this week. Syesha next. Jason crushes David A in the final.

If Jason won I'd be dancing around the house in glee.

Cheryl said...

Susan, if Jason won, than it would definitely freak the producers out, big time!

No worries and you're welcome. Dang, we have to be careful about our titles, too? Figures.

The rest of you awesome people-
I love hearing your opinions! Even when we differ, it's all good. :)

Courtney N said...

Im not a Jason fan and I never have been. I would be happy to see him go home. If either one of the Davids leave then this whole competition is OVER and Im walking out!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I loved the Jason song where he messed up. Not the messing up part of course, but the rest of that song was awesome! I never thought I'd like that song sung by anyone else, but he did great.

Having said that, I still think he should go home. He's just not in it to win it. :)

Allie said...

I love your mothers day gift. Its so pretty! I never even thought of getting something that i could tote the kid everywhere in. Maybe I could have gotten more done. On the down side...maybe I could have gotten more done :)
Im glad Jason is gone too!! Wahoooo!!