Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Some Thoughts" or "A Plethora of Blog Posts" (because I'm too lazy to write extensively on any of the following subjects at present)

American Idol:
I didn't have time to watch the whole thing (GASP!), but I'll do it today. I listened to Bo Bice for a few seconds and watched Jason's farewell video. All I can say is this: HALLELUJAH! Jason is gone. America has been getting it right so much this year and I'm pretty pleased, people. Pretty pleased.
Stop Changing My Music!
On the way home from good ol' Costco yesterday (btw, I Heart Costco), I turned the radio on. One must do this every once in a while to rid their brains of incessant "children noise." A song came on, and as it began, I thought I was hearing things. No, no, not literally hearing things (of course I was hearing things), but I thought my brain had gone crazy. I was expecting Alphaville. I was expecting trumpets and instant memories of assemblies, dances, boyfriends, classes, football, lunchrooms, and Prom. Instead, I heard a terrible cover of a classic piece. By a band I had never heard of (because I'm untalented in the ways of pop music, unlike my hero, Susan M.) -- And. It. Was. Terrible! I was so upset, I had to turn it off.
If I ever hear that version again, I may have to protest.
What's That Smell?
I finally hunkered down and cleaned the house yesterday. I usually deep clean once in a blue moon, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to do the dishes and empty the garbage before the HazMat team had to inspect the property.
The only problem with cleaning everything in one day is this: It won't happen. I tried, I really did, but I only got about half of it done. I kept getting interrupted by these tiny people who needed things. Like "food" and "hugs." And as much as I tried, I couldn't stop myself from wandering over to the computer to just "take a look."
But hey, at least that HazMat smell upstairs is gone. Now I gotta work on the nasty smell in the basement. Yuck.
Happy Mother's Day to Me!
I recently joined an online forum called The Baby Wearer. It's fab! And with the help of Ann, my good buddy, I was able to find this:

It should arrive today or tomorrow! I'm so excited. #4 is gonna love it, too.
Traveling Without Me Again
Brandon's company landed a great account with a client in North Carolina. Isn't that great!? For them, yes. For me, it means Brandon's impromptu trip to help solidify the deal. I knew, going into this job, that Brandon would travel at least once or twice a month. Each trip is only a few days long, but I'm still not used to the frequency, nor the spur-of-the-moment ones. Ah, well. At least he'll be back in time to shop for Mother's Day. Whoo-hoo!
Girl's Night Out
Sixteen (or more?) women from my ward went to Chilli's for dinner last night. It was so much fun! Since I've been gone over this last year, several new women have moved into the ward. It was great to meet them and get to know them a bit better. Plus, Girl's Night Out is a sanity saver after a day of cleaning up HazMat material...


Kelly A. said...

I'm procrastinating today's haz mat operation, and dern you, I popped in for one quick look and here you've given me something to see. I may never vacuum again!

But then again, maybe if I get it all done today my movie night with friends tomorrow will be that much sweeter.

On the other hand, I have a whole week of shows on DVR to catch up on. What to do?

You have inspired and confused, but enriched nonetheless!

bythelbs said...

I hate bad covers! Unless they're awesomely bad covers 'cause then they're just kind of awesome, you know? I haven't heard that one yet--I'll have to keep my ears peeled (can you keep your ears peeled? hmmm...)

It's sounds like you got enough done yesterday to justify taking today off. Don't listen to me--I'm just that cute little devil sitting on your shoulder.

rick & cheryl said...

That is a really cute baby carrier! Good find. Good luck with cleaning...the never-ending story-huh!?!

Jamie J said...

I LOVE Forever Young! Reminds me of my first New Years Eve Stake dance...memories.

My bathrooms need some serious work. I'm planning on bribing Spencer to clean them while I'm gone! LOL

YAY for girl's night out!

Leslie said... just make me smile...

I cannot believe some group has desicrated Forever Young. This must not go unpunished!

Sorry about Brandon's trip..glad he'll be home soon though!

Julie said...

Why are you hooraying over Jason's departure? I wasn't throwing things at my tv as I did with Michael, but come on, you've got to acknowledge that he has been a breath of fresh air on American Idol this year. I'll miss the dirty haired little boy.
Stanton is heading out of town tonight, he'll be gone till Sunday night. I'm escaping to my parents' house. So I admire your intestinal fortitude. Hope it goes well.

Cheryl said...

Only because he deserves to go next. When Michael Johns was voted off, it was too soon --he really should have been around a lot longer. Jason was the weakest of the last four. Therefore, he needed to go. I was actually afraid he would have stayed and that would have just been annoying.

Aww! You should just come here. Oh, well. Have fun at the parent's house! :)

Ann said...

YAY-- Jason's gone! (In my head I'm singing like a munchkin "Ding Dong the Jason's gone!") Is it just me or did he seem HIGH all the time!? And YAY for your cute, new carrier! #4 will be so pleased!

Lizzie said...

I can just imagine Wayne's reaction if I bought such a cute carrier for Nameless Baby to come:

Me: Look at the cute baby carrier I bought!
Wayne: Neat... uh, who are you going to carry in it?
Me: Nameless Baby, of course.
Wayne: Huh. But, uh, it has flowers on it...
Me: Yeah?
Wayne: Pink ones...
Me: Uh huh?
Wayne: Well, he's a BOY.
ME: *raised eyebrow*
Wayne: *pause* Nevermind.

#4 will be smashing, and very in-check with his baby manhood. I love your new carrier, and now I'm totally wishing I didn't already have a perfectly good one waiting for me in the closet...

Susan M said...

"Forever Young" is one of those burrowing songs. It burrows into your head and won't leave. I haven't heard a cover of it that I can remember.

You know who does some interesting 80s covers? A French lounge band called Nouvelle Vague. They get used on commercials and stuff.

Courtney N said...

Girls Night?! I stopped by your place last night (I was down in Provo to watch the Laker game with a friend) and you were at Girls Night! BAHH! Well you can't say I didn't try. I did see the kids though : )

FluffyChicky said...

Hooray for the husband coming home in time to buy you stuff! Awesome. :)