Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spring, Prizes, Promises, and Friends

It seems as if Spring has finally Sprung! Or perhaps we just skipped it and moved right into Summer? It was blasted hot in our house last night --and memories of the hot, hot summers in Provo raced to my mind in bitter agony. Not already! However, I have a bittersweet suspicion that it might snow again before long. Why not? This is Utah, dang it.
My friend Sara is having a give-a-way with things from her Etsy shop. It's a fabulous give-a-way, and you have a great chance to win! Go check it out!
Last night at FHE:

me: Okay, remember how we learned in Primary yesterday that we need to help strengthen our families? Well, how do we do that?

#1: By helping out around the house. And cleaning. *grumble, grumble*

me: Right! And I'm tired of the reaction you kids keep giving me when I ask you to help! #1, you whine, #2, you ignore it all and play, #3, you whine and say you're too tired...

Brandon: Is this going to be a positive lesson?

me: Just hold on. Okay, so kids, what do you think you could clean --what would you like to clean --that would be your special chore, where I don't have to ask, you'll just know that you need to do it? And you won't whine? What would you like to do?

#1: I'll clear the dishes off the table.

#2: I'll clean up the bathroom!

me: #3, what can you do to help out?

#3: Clean the whole playroom!

me: The entire playroom?

#3: Yes!

Brandon: Good luck with that.
We have added a new portion to our bedtime routine with the kids. We've started reading out of the Daring Book for Girls and The Dangerous Book for Boys. The kids are eating it up! And I'm learning some great things, too. Have you guys heard of these books? They're great.
Yesterday, I went to see a high school friend. How is it that even with the passage of time, the differences in our circumstances (although not too different), and the changes in our personalities due to experience and age, we can still mesh back into conversation as if we were 15? The ease at which we find ourselves talking still surprises me each time --and I only see her once every couple of years. Is this because our friendship is strong? Or because we shared the years that solidified our personalities and goals?
I'll assume it's both.

By the way, dear reader, I love good friends. Friendship means so much to me, and I feel dang lucky for finding some of the most amazing friends through blogging. If you would, please consider yourself my friend...

(Wow, that got all sappy there at the end!)


Julie said...

I'm getting excited for one of those conversations with you!
What are those books all about? I guess I'll click on the link, duh.
And your FHE conversation cracks me up. My kids are always volunteering for "jobs." It lasts about a third of the way through the first time. But isn't it funny that #1 knew exactly where you were headed with that lesson? Priceless.

Jamie J said...

Funny FHE conversation. Looks like you have full backing from Brandon! LOL I do that with my High School friends too. I'm glad that we have that kind of relationship. And thank you for being MY friend!

Janelle said...

We have those books. We keep them in our trailer for vacation reading. I hope it stays sunny for you! -J

bythelbs said...

I've heard about those books and wondered if they were really as great as people were saying, but now that I've heard it from Cheryl...

I only talk to my best friend from high school a handful of times every year, but everytime we talk it's like we do it everyday.

Let us know how the playroom looks!

Amanda said...

We love the Dangerous Books for Boys at our house too. We have used it many times. I even gave it to my dad for Father's Day last year.

I think having the kids chose some chores that they love to do is key. My daughter loves to clean toilets, and unload the dishwasher. My oldest likes to bring the garbage cans in, and vacuum. It helps the process!

Susan M said...

I wish my kids loved to clean anything!

tamrobot said...

i've seen those books at the bookstore. They look so neat.

Julie said...

And you are my friend. Sappy? Yes.

Amber said...

I haven't heard of those books but love the idea behind them. I'm off to check them out on Amazon. I'm sure my kids are a bit young but there's always the future. :-)

And virtual hugs to you, ye sap. :-)