Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I must live in a Hole!

How did I not know about Leona Lewis? Huh?! Where have I been? That girl was amazing. Seriously, she was astounding and I think she's better than Mariah Carey. In fact, I read an article tonight where Mariah states that Leona doesn't sound like her --and I would agree. She's better than you, Mariah! Sorry, but it's true. When she started singing, I was kind of "okay, whatever", but by the time she hit the chorus? Wowzahs! I'm a fan.

Okay, now to other parts of the show. It was so refreshing to hear them speak so candidly about the contestants! Having Andrew Lloyd Weber up there, talking about Brooke's mistake; Randy's admittance that Broadway music is hard and should be respected (Right on, Dawg!); Ryan speaking with the contestants about what they sang, why they chose the song, etc.; and finally, seeing the contestants' reactions backstage when Sayesha was in the bottom two.

And holy cow! Carly and Sayesha? After last night?! I was just as surprised as Brooke, and she looked just miserable. Miserable! It was as if she wanted to go home. Again. I'm seriously hoping this slaps some sense into her and hopefully she can just have some fun here on out. I mean, come on! Have some fun! Don't be so serious! But then again --when she did have fun, she was kind of dorky. Ah, that Brooke. So much to analyze, and no time!

But I was glad to see Carly leave over Sayesha, if only for the fact that Sayesha was amazing last night. Carly has always kind of bothered me, too, but I'm looking forward to what type of album she'll come up with. Might be interesting! I hope it sells more than 300 copies this time...

[Oh, and the Ford video? Crazy-zany fun. Kind of weird, but still fun.]


Jamie J said...

The video was weird. I've never heard of Leona Lewis either. Yeah she can sing but she kind of bugged me.

Julie said...

I didn't love the Ford commercial at all. But it's always entertaining to see Brooke try to act bad-girl-ish. It's very much not her.
Same boat with Ms. Lewis and I'd agree she is much better than Mariah.

Anonymous said...

Leona Lewis can sing, but I told my husband last night that I thought she was a totally boring performer.

I was just a little surprised at the bottom two after Tuesday night. Brooke and Jason must have huge fan bases. Did you catch Jason's ginormous yawn backstage? He just seems so out of it sometimes.

I fast forwarded through the video and the recaps and part of Leona's performance--hubby had to get to bed.

Amber- aka kanga5 said...

Leona Lewis- I just didn't get her. Sorry. :) She did have some awesome parts in the chorus but eh. I felt like I had to really strain to understand what she was singing and I don't really care for her look either. Ah well. :)

I agree with you 100% that Brooke seems like she's ready to be done. Like she's realized that she doesn't want to be in this ultra competitive envoronment. She just wants to be cheering from the sidelines now.

Jason- is really getting on my nerves. He's so... I don't know. I just DON'T get him.

There ya go. :)

Desi said...

Leona Lewis has a nice voice and I've been hearing a lot about her for the last few weeks, but everytime I hear that song I want to scream. All I remember is "keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding" over and over again until I feel like my ears are going to keep bleeding. I want to hear another song by her so I can appreciate her voice.

Out of the botton two I'm also glad Carly went home. I think she sounds like she needs to be in some 80s rock band like Heart.

Janelle said...

Cheryl, missing you! Well I loved David A's arrangement and it totally was not boring.

Starting over is no big deal. But being excessively nervous is.

I did not like the other David this week.

Sayesha's eyebrows were out of control.

I'm going to miss Carly.

Jason is a fantastic small audience singer, but stadiums may be too much for his performance style. I wish I could get by on my looks like Jason.

Susan M said...

If you don't get Jason, just think Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Get him now? Total stoner.

Leona Lewis sounded excellent on the high notes. I was impressed. Unfortunately I didn't think the song was that great. I kept thinking she was like a cross between Cher and Alicia Keyes. But I'd like to check out the album.

Cheryl said...

Perhaps my interest in singers goes beyond just seeing them perform. For sure, Leona Lewis wasn't as amazing as say...Bono. But I wasn't paying attention to her actions --I was listening to her voice. Rarely do I watch performers (unless I'm lucky), I mostly listen to CD's or iTunes. Hers is a voice I would buy, no doubt.

The Wiz said...

I'm just so glad Carly's gone.