Friday, February 29, 2008

More American Idol (I know, you're so excited!)

I was going to wait to do this blog, but a few comments in this post made me decide I better do it now. In the future, I'll try to lump up my American Idol posts all at once, okay?

What. The. Heck! I couldn't believe that three --yes, THREE! --of my favorites were voted off last night. What the?

So, yes, the girls are not very good this year. But the two girls they voted off last night were actually two of the best that they had (Alaina and Alexandrea). And then Robbie was voted off, too!

What is going on?! This kind of stuff never happens. Each season, we weed out the annoying and talentless, and then the shocking vote-offs happen in the Top 12. Always. Always, always, always! I count on this type of consistency, because, honestly, I have a problem. A consistency problem. I rely on it, you see, and to have it taken away...? Well, for now, "it would be best to remain silent" (name that Jane Austen movie!) and get on with what the heck I'm writing about...

Madness! It was pure madness. The only one I'm glad to see gone was that Jason guy. He smiled and bobbed his head too much and it made me feel awkward. I don't like feeling awkward. Ooh! It was like he was "Vick" the lounge singer. Awk. Ward.

Anyway, last night's show has shown me that maybe my vote would matter. I'm so tempted to start voting...maybe. Maybe. I guess it will depend upon their performances next week.
What did you think?


Anonymous said...

"and it made me feel awkward"

Ha! I totally understand what you're saying. I sometimes have to avert my eyes from the television screen.

I thought that Luke guy should have gone and Amanda on the girls side. I don't know who else on the girls side--maybe Christy Lee? She sings fine, but for me she's awkward on stage, too.

Why would you want to lump all your AI posts into one? Then we'd all have to wait to talk about it!

Anonymous said...

name that JA movie--Is that P&P in reference to the infamous Mr. Wickham?

Jamie J said...

Alaina bugged me. She was too teeny-bopper-ish and I thought the Grease song was cheesy. I totally agree about Jason--yeah, I couldn't look at him either. His weird smiles and looks were creeping me out. Alexandrea was pretty good--there were definitely worse girls that could have gone home. Just my 2 cents...

LAHansen said...

Movie: Pride & Prejudice said by Mr.

Hey Girl...get up and vote! Why not!

Cheryl said...

[Yes, it was P&P, Colin Firth version, and it was Mr. Collins who said it to Lizzie, since he was making an idiot of himself. It's the funniest scene, with him then waving weirdly to Charlotte.]

Yes, you're right. Why would I torture all of us by making us wait?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mr. Collins--of course! I was thinking of Lizzie and Jane's conversation about whether or not to out Mr. Wickham's scoundrelness.

Cristy said...

OK, I don't care who else got voted off, if I had to look at the creepo Jason one more week I would have to start watching some other reality TV show! Thank Buddha he is gone!