Thursday, February 28, 2008

A million random ramblings

I've got a million things on my brain. Well, not literally. But I wish I could share all my thoughts with you, dear reader. Oh, well, the following will have to suffice. Please don't get bored and stop reading. Or if you do, leave a comment telling me you were bored so I will know for future reference. I do this for you, people! It's all about you (okay, not really, but it's nice to think so, right? Right.):

American Idol:
  • David Archuleta 's rendition of "Imagine" was so incredible, my jaw dropped, goose bumps raced across my arms, and my eyes teared up. Brandon and I both agreed that it was the best performance on American Idol since Clay Aiken did "Solitaire" in Season Two. YES --it was that good. If you didn't see him sing on Tuesday night, you better go find a copy somewhere. Wow!
  • Brooke White was the only girl I enjoyed watching Wed. night. And it wasn't earth shattering or anything really big. What is up with the girls this year? Why are they to me? Are my standards that high? Am I being snobbish? Have I finally turned into Simon? I knew it would happen; I've got nothin' but love for Simon, you know.
  • I love the new voting-off format (if they keep it). No stupid re-caps of the night before (i.e. David, you sang....and the judges thought....and you are....Safe!). They just get right to the point. And I say, It's About Flippin' Time! (and yes, I do say "flippin'" sometimes. I'm not above Mormon swearing when it's needed.)


The Biggest Loser:

  • Yep, I thought the guys were totally lame for getting tattoos. What are they, 15 years old?!
  • I loved that they lost, but...
  • ...I burst into tears when Mark kept his word and allowed himself to be voted off. I never really liked Mark, but in that moment, all was forgiven.


Total Weight Loss for Week "we've been doing this for a while now":

Brandon: 42.6 pounds (gained .2)

Cheryl: 32.6 pounds (lost .6)


I'm thinking of doing another give-a-way soon. Any ideas for one? Anything you guys want? Anything "Cheryl" related? Help me brainstorm...


Sweet husband is in Miami for three days. No, no, this is a good thing, although I miss him. Mostly I miss the parental tag-team. Okay, okay, I miss his sweet neck and his beautiful eyes. But anyway, this trip of his has to do with a job that would eventually take us elsewhere and not actually Miami. I know, it's confusing when you are not privy to all the details. But his comment on my previous post (please see previous post) prompted me to announce something to all of you. Are you ready?

Our job decision will be made within the next five days. (Please hold while the thunderous Choir of Angels finish singing their Hallelujah's!) Be prepared for incredible announcements to come!


Katie said...

The guys are really good this year. I don't know what is up with the girls. They are not impressing me. I love that little DA. Good luck wih the BIG DECISION.

Cristy said...

IT really is sad how addicted Jim and I are to American Idol... anyway, yea, we loved that little guy David, and yea, mostly I've been disappointed with the contestants this year. What is up with the songs they are choosing? Their are so many great songs out there... what the heck? Good luck with the job decision, can't wait to see what you decide!

RoAnn said...

I'm SO glad that you will know where you are going soon. That period of time when you are trying to think of all the reasons why it would be GREAT to move to all the places your husband might be offered a job (and overlook all the negatives) is so stressful--even if you are trying to be serene on the outside. :)

Amanda said...

Good luck making your decision! Congrats on your weight loss.

They trumped Biggest Loser and put on a Blazer-Laker game instead. I was so bummed that I missed this episode. Sounds like I missed a good week too. I am so glad that Mark is gone. He drove me nuts! And, they are lame for getting tattoos. Oh, well. To each their own...

Anonymous said...

I thought AI was pretty mediocre all this week besides David A., of course. He was awesome. I liked David C. pretty well and Brooke, too. Everyone else was eh. The rocker chick's hair frightened me. It was a little too Cruella-ish. She seems like a lovely person, though.

Good luck with the job decision.

Rozla ~ but the name I like best is Grandma said...

Didn't watch American Idol because we are on the road but we have it TIVO'd. I'm sure it will be the first thing we do when we get home tonight! I feel your pain about moving. It brings back incredible memories and feelings of last summer when we were waiting. It's a killer! Hang in there - a new adventure is right around the corner!

Cheryl said...

Ah, that stinks! I'm so sorry. Yeah, it was an interesting episode.

Yeah, the girls are just "eh". It's so weird!

Yes! The song choices are awful (with just a few exceptions).

That's true --the other David is pretty good. And yeah, the rocker girl is kind of scary. It's funny because before and after she sings she acts like she doesn't even care whether she's there or not. Her apathy makes me laugh.

Roann and Roz-
Thank you! It is frustrating; if I hadn't already been through it, I think I would go nuts! But yes, I'm feeling optimism, so I hope we're able to make the correct decision. If not, hopefully Heavenly Father helps us know it very soon!

LAHansen said...

I know how you are feeling on the job decision...We've been through it with school, job, & school...I can't wait until we're trying to decide about jobs again. I'm sure you'll be blessed to know what to do! Can't wait to find out where you'll be heading!

Madsens said...

hey - I agree about american idol - the woman were just not doing it for me. I was SUPER impressed with David though - how powerful!

The biggest loser disappointed me this week, but I will remain a faithful watcher - I am SOOOO glad the black team won...for underdogs, they are doing pretty fetching good!

As for the move...i am learning through you how to deal with this situation in the future - our future is uncertain as well and I am not looking forward to the major decisions we will be making towards the end of the summer...but, i will look to you for support :) Good luck and I can't wait to hear where Heavenly Father takes you!!

The Wiz said...

The rocker chick is the new "vote for the worst" so she might be around a while.

And I admit I haven't seen the show a ton in previous seasons, (I only started watching at the final 6 or 8 last year) but that voting off thing you just described was exactly what happened last week, wasn't it? (you sang, the judges said, you

How is this different?

I hate the results shows. They take forever with a ton of random filler - that Paula thing - gag.

Here's hoping you get through the next 5 days! And here's to a decision!

Jamie J said...

I agree with you about American Idol. Brooke was the only one that was even memorable. I youtubed (is that a word?) David Archuleta after his performance and found a clip of him singing Imagine on some talk show when he was 13. He's been practicing that one for a LONG time but it sure paid off. It was fantastic! I don't watch the results show so i didn't know they changed the format. I'm glad to hear it though.

Wow! Good luck with your decision making! I'm glad we're not at that point in our life yet. I can't wait to see what the results are!

The Wiz said...

oh, and cristy - I've heard (so take it for what it's worth) that they are given a set of 50 songs from that genre, they choose 3, and then one of that three is assigned to them. So that is why you get people singing the same song (Happy Together, anyone?) and why there can be some seriously bad song choices. There isn't the whole "pick any song from the 70s" thing that they make you think it is.

Cheryl said...

Because in the regular seasons, they would do that with all 24 freakin' people. This time, they did it with only a few of them. But now you're making me second-guess myself. I'll have to pay closer attention tonight!

Hey did you see on vote for the worst that they planted over half of the contestants? I don't think it's as Conspiracy Theory as they make it sound, but I wouldn't be surprised if they encouraged people to audition...

Ah, now you made me sad to think he didn't just pick, practice and perform in 5 days. Oh, well. I'm glad he knew it as well as he did! :)

malinda said...

Cheryl, I am so glad you commented on my blog I have been meaning to get your blog. I am going to put it on my list of blogs if that is ok. I totally agree with you about american idol the last two nights. the girls sucked. please get rid of the rocker with the funky hair. her voice sounds like a heavy smoker. I had no idea brandon was changing jobs. Ster is possiblily working in home security again, aggh. oh well. why don't ster and brandon team up? oh well again. well I am going to finish reading up on your blog. it is so nice to hear from you.

The Wiz said...

They used to do that with all 24 of them??!!!! oh gag.

I think they do encourage people to audition, no reality show is actually "reality".

It's still fun to watch, though.

Cheryl said...

They actually talked about it a little while ago; it's just not the right time for us. Good luck, though!

the wiz-
YES! And they would do it every single week. It got so bad that I wouldn't watch the voting off ones until the next day so I could FF through it all.

I agree. It's way fun to watch! Thus my addiction.

Janelle said...

You miss his sweet neck? Or miss some sweet necking....

Hillary said...

Oh! I'm excited to hear the annoucement!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Wandered in here from PW. Cute blog, love the pictures.

Cheryl said...

What's PW?

[Janelle-- you know it!!]

Cheryl said...

OH!!! Pioneer Woman! DUH! :)

Stanton and Julie said...

Cheryl, I agree again. Actually there are a few girls I like, but I think they can only "belt" they have no bottom-mid range, which is disappointing, as it is mimicking, not singing. That from a wannabe singer, I know, but a critic just the same. For the girls, I enjoyed Brooke's song a lot, and no one else's. But I think they voted the wrong girls off. As for the boys, I like a few, but the only one that wowed me was David A and boy did he wow! I was so nervous for him to sing a Lennon song (as I rarely like remakes of Beatles perfection --and yes, I know this isn't a Beatles song, but you get my drift). But I was moved to tears. He made an already perfect song absolutely original, memorable, and perfect again. I was thrilled. And I'm buying it on itunes. That's how much I liked it. Actually, the thing that would show how much I liked it is the fact that I voted!!! YAY!

PS, excited for you and to hear your news. LOVE YOU!

Scotty said...

Amerinan Idol. I have to admit I have not watched every season. This year I am watching. I had same reaction to "Imagine" that David A. sang. I think he is the one to beat. The girls are weak this year, unless they are holding back for the final 10. Uh whatever.

I of course am rooting for David and Brooke, I guess mostly because of the Mo connection (in Brooke's case) David is actually very good.

As far as the judges go, I only take Simon seriously. Honestly, Simon is rude and tactless, but he is most often right. Paula is a space cadet and Randy is too much "Yo Dog check it out..."

Mormon swearing is fine. I prefer Fetcher to Flip. :)