Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You can't learn these skills anywhere else

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Crown and Anchor Society from Royal Caribbean for sending me a fabulous member card in the mail about 5 years ago. It has, for the bazillionth time, opened a locked bathroom door. If I wasn't lazy, I would take a picture and show you the wear and tear on this bent, yet highly sturdy, little card.

What would I do without throw-a-way "credit cards"? Without old detective shows that showed me how to use the "credit card" to open locked doors? [Hooray for Charlie's Angels!]

And what would I do without children who give me the chance to practice these amazing skills? Honestly, what are Pulitzer Prizes and Carnegie Hall Bookings compared to breaking and entering with a cruise card?


Hillary said...

Wow, you got skillz! I have yet to learn those skills. But I'm sure I will. :)

LAHansen said...

Sweet!...This is better than the new uses for old things in Real Simple Magazine!

Jamie J said...

That's awesome. We just use a screwdriver but a credit card is so much more "Mission Impossible"!

Biff said...

Ha... and you know it's because I left today... always happens as soon as I go on a trip, huh? ;)

Love from Miami!

Jolene said...

I was so amazed to witness my girlfriend do this one time. She was so MacGyver to me right then. I have never had the opportunity to use this particular brand of magic but I am pretty handy at removing gum from hair with mayonnaise.