Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have a confession to make...

...and it's just shameful.

I love American Idol. But I've only voted twice. That's right. Twice.

I'm what you call an AI mooch. I take and take and take and take, but I just can't seem to give back. I want certain people to win, but I can't force myself to pick up the phone. I usually just forget. Yes, it is a sad malady. The worst part? I've been watching American Idol since Season One. That's right, people --I'm a true fan. Sort of. Remember the part where I don't vote? Yeah, anyway...

This season looks pretty good. I think they are overhyping it when they claim it's "the best season ever!!" But I hope it's better than last season. And I hope people vote for the best singers. (Since I don't do a good job of it.) I felt really bad for the sick girls last night, though. That's gotta be so hard --singing with bronchitis. I know, because my lungs seem to love bronchitis.

My favorite picks so far?
  • Alaina Whitaker (simply amazing)
  • Brooke White (genuine and sweet --oh, and Mormon! Yes, I'm biased like that)
  • Ramiele Malubay (wow, she can blow!)
  • Alexandrea Lushington (she is just so fun to watch; there's no awkward moments)
  • David Archuleta (sincere. And I think he's also Mormon)
  • Jason Castro (so unique! I loved his performance and his hair)
  • David Cook (cool rocker, although his smile's a bit big)
  • Robbie Carrico (very cool; I like his style)
  • Michael Johns (sort of --but only because I know he's better than he was last night)
I tend to agree with Simon on a lot of things. I have since the beginning; and I have noticed he's mellowed just a little bit over the years. But I still love his honesty. And I have to agree with him strongly, strongly on one point last night: What's the big hype about Carly Smithson? Because she recorded an album once, she's supposed to be so amazing? Is that the hype? I honestly have not liked her voice from the first audition. That's not to say she can't sing --I just don't know what's the big deal...

What do you think about the new season of American Idol? Are you a Fan? Do you vote?

P.S. By the way, the two votes of mine? They were for Clay Aiken in season two (for the finale) and last year for Jordin Sparks (in the finale). Why? Beats me!


bythelbs said...

I faithfully watch AI, too, and I've never voted. My kids always wanted to vote, but I told them it costs money. When I first started saying that, for some reason I actually thought it was true.

I think my overall favorite so far is Jason Castro, at least based on this past week. I also often agree with Simon. I totally did not get why Randy thought the Irish gal was so awesome. Dawg, she was just a'ight for me.

I don't see how this season is any more spectacular than seasons past. It seems like they say it's the best season ever every season. At least there's no Sanjaya this year.

P.S. I was a Blake fan last year. Jordin certainly had the better voice (and she was a super cute/sweet girl--very talented), but overall I thought he was more original and interesting. My then 7 year old cried when he lost.

Stanton and Julie said...

Hello my fellow AI fan. I am obsessed! I voted for Clay all through Season 2 (still my favorite season of all time, by the way) and haven't voted since. But I do really like some of the voices this year. Particularly Brooke & Alexandrea for the girls and David & David for the boys. Mostly the David with the guitar and the dreadlocks. What a great performance!
PS, just an observation I've made this year:
This generation of kids that we're seeing have been raised with WAY too much praise! They seem totally shocked any time someone dares criticize them! I was so impressed by the kids up there who were genuinely surprised, excited, and grateful for the praise they were given. They're my real favorites of the year (and for the most part tend to be the ones with the best voices).

Hillary said...

I'm not an AI fan, but I am an America's Next Top Model fan! :)

dlyn said...

I do watch it, as much as I watch any show that is. I am always on the computer at the same time as watching TV though and always get distracted. I don't have any clear faves yet. And I have never voted at all, so you are ahead of me at least!

Jamie J said...

I LOVE AI and I do vote. It's even more fun now that we have AT&T wireless because now I can just text my vote. I like Jason Castro, the two David's, Brooke White, and Michael Johns. The girls this year are just a'igh for me. I like the boys better. I did vote for Kady Malloy and Alaina Whitaker last night too though.

Summer said...

I haven't watched AI this season. But I was a huge season 2 watcher. Loved Clay Aiken.

FluffyChicky said...

We watched the first season religiously. The second season, not as much, and since then, none. I never voted, but I did yell at the TV a lot when they were giving out the results.

I love Project Runway and America's Next Top Model too. I am glad that I am not the only one who admits to that. :)

Stanton and Julie said...

I was so wrong on the names of my favorites!
For real:
David A, Jason, Syesha, Brooke
Just for the record....

Stanton and Julie said...

Oh, and Michael & Robbie (although not as much as the others)

Katie said...

Every year I say, No,,,no AI for me. But, then I get sucked in when it comes to the real show. I don't like the auditions very much. I think it is a little mean and kind of boring. But I do like the performances. So, I am hooked. I like the guys better. I don't know the names, but...I like dread lock guy, australian guy (hot), and Mormon guy (isn't it funny that you can tel?).
The girls were pretty bad this week. There were only like 3 or 4 that were any good. I like curly blond, has to be mormon girl, and rocker girl with the bad highlights and African American girl with the curly poofy hair.

I also watch America's Next Top Model. I Tivo it and fast forward through everything but the photo shoots. I find that part really interesting. The rest...blah. Especially, Ms. Tyra. She grates, but for some reason I keep watching.

I also watch Project Runway. It is fun to watch the creative process and something made from nothing.