Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday #2!

Today is #2's Fifth Birthday! That's right, folks, February is a month of birthdays for us and we relish in delight whenever another one comes upon us. Unless it's the "even" years (i.e. I will only allow the children to have a "friend" party on their even birthdays. I would go crazy doing it every year, much to my childrens' chagrin.) and then I'm just tired. But I digress.

#2 is our in-house Diva, and she keeps us laughing. Her wit (I'm sure you've read many of my #2-isms; if not, stay tuned, because I'm bound to write more!), her imagination, and her awesome smile give us reasons not to sell her to gypsies during the times she's being...well....a Diva.

In fact, her birth reflects her personality quite well. Her due date came and went. And went. And went. Ten Days later (on Feb. 11, 2003), the doctor finally agreed to induce labor. The pitocin started, and she didn't come. And didn't come. And didn't come (okay it was only 2-3 hours, but no progress with that much pitocin? 10 days late?). So the doctor broke my water (which he should have done first, the jerk), and it was as if she said "You want me out!? FINE!" and exactly one hour and 15 minutes after the doctor broke my water, she was born. Yes, I went from a 3ish-4 to a 10 in one hour, and I pushed twice. That's my Diva!

Happy Birthday, #2. I sure love you!

[P.S. I'll post her present and cake episodes later. Because they haven't happened yet. Go figure. :) ]


Kelly A. said...

Happy Birthday! I practice even year party hostessing too.

My oldest was 14 days over due, 30 hours of labor after pitocin, finally pulled out with forceps, whined a little then fell asleep and has pretty much spent the past 12 1/2 years sleep walking through life. We always say he was in there clutching on for dear life begging not to come out.

Summer said...

Happy Birthday!

Brooke S said...

Yeah, I knew you would be a blogger!!!

McIntyre Family said...

I can't believe how big #2 is! So cute. So I am sitting her at my computer, eating lunch while Katelyn is sleeping and I decided to catch up on your blog... and I saw the entry that you said I look like Katherine Heigl. That's funny you said that because I had a second cousin tell me that at a family reunion last summer. She is cute, so I'm flattered you think I look like her. :) Anyway, I'm anxious to hear about the new news coming up in your life. :) (Sad news about Romney too! Scott and I are not sure what we are going to do... but you better believe that we will NOT be voting for Huckabee.)

Jamie J said...

Happy Birthday!!

Rochelleht said...

What a cutie! I love the pic in orange.