Monday, December 03, 2007

They just keep growing...

My Baby Boy (#3) has grown up so much these last few years. When #4 turned 9 months old last month, I went back to see what #3 looked like around that age. Isn't he so cute? Yeah, not much has changed. He's still adorable.
So, for fun, I went back to see pictures of the girls. But I don't have any of their baby pictures online. And I was too lazy to scan their baby pictures --instead, here's one of them a couple of years ago.
And for more fun, I added what #4 looked like at birth and then now.

They grow up fast, don't they?


Amanda said...

Cute pictures. Do you store photos online? Who do you use?
#1 really hasn't changed much. Fun idea.

Summer said...

They are way adorable!

Cristy said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are so freaking cute! Number 4 has grown so much! What a cutie!

Cheryl said...

no, I just store them on my computer. I'm not really with the times. :)