Friday, November 30, 2007

Not getting published, but at least I can write fast!

I have been gone a lot this week. I know. I apologize. Okay, not really, because I was working on finishing NaNoWriMo, and I did it!!
As of 9:53PM PST, I became a NaNoWriMo Winner! Please notice the nice little attachment on my sidebar, showing how great I am at writing out a novel at break-neck speed, leaving grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other forms of intelligent writing by the wayside.
I am now bowing to your applause. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Because of said achievement, I'm sure many of you are interested in what I wrote. It was a novel, for sure, and it is not finished, but it stinks. Literally, people, it's pretty much crap. But that is not the point of NaNoWriMo, so I am not ashamed. Okay, I'd be ashamed if any of you found it and read it. Then I'd be humiliated. But that's what editing is for. Hooray for editing!
Side notes:
--The house is still a disaster. Good thing tomorrow is chore day.
--#4 has been sick all week. I'm really worried about him. He seems to be on the mend, though, so let's hope he gets better soon.
--I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! It's saved my sanity this week.
--I am starting to yell too much again. I need to stop. I'm writing it down so that It'll force me to think about it and focus on calming myself before I think to yell. My kids are too awesome to be yelled at. The hardest part is that I know that already. How do you keep from yelling at your kids?


Cheryl said...

I know I've said this before, but thank you to kelly a. for introducing me to NaNoWriMo!

Summer said...

I love the header. COngrats on getting NaNoWriMo done! Maybe next year I'll give it a go.

kanga5 said...

HOW DID YOU MAKE YOUR NEW HEADER?? What program did you use?
As for not yelling at the kiddos as much.. hmmmm... that's something you come at everyday- or at least I do. Lately I've been trying to COME IN A MINUTE like I tell them I'm going to, and I'm trying to spend at least 1/2 hour playing WITH them. It helps on most days. :)

Janelle said...

I imagine with the novel done, the yelling will stop. Parenting and getting anything else done within a time limit is frustrating. This week will be better.

Amanda said...

Wow! A whole novel? Impressive. How many words?

A friend of mine told me that when she feels herself losing control she tells her kids that the "witchy lady" is going to come out, and it gives her kids a warning and, more importantly, herself a warning. I have tried this and it works. Of course, there was the time when my sister was getting after her kids and N looked at her for a minute and then said, "Mom, the witchy lady is coming." It was funny, but kind of embarrassing. I think the important thing is that you realize that you are yelling and trying hard to be better. Good luck!

Amanda said...

BTW- love the new header! Looks good.

Rochelleht said...

When I start to yell, I always remember that when I am yelling at them, all they feel is hatred toward me. Nothing good is being communicated. It is hard, because I grew up in a yelling house, but I always think it when I am starting to yell. Now, whether I always stop yelling or not, is another question entirely.