Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pictures and Positivity (yep, it's a word!)

Brandon told me that my last post was depressing. Yeah, it was. He thought it would be wise to think of the positive things about our vacation (which, really wasn't bad) and list 5 things that made me laugh. So, here they are, in no particular order (or level of laughingness):
Number One
#2, in the car, refusing to drink the water from the water bottle because it was "soggy."
"#2, of course your water is soggy. Soggy means 'wet'."
"No, mom! Soggy means 'stinky'!"
"Ummm...no, it doesn't."
"Yes it does!"
"Well, just drink your water."
"No! It's soggy!"
Number Two
BYU beat Utah. And we laughed for joy! Of course, we were near pain when Utah was up 10 to 9 with only 2 minutes left on the clock. But we laughed with great heartiness when Max Hall threw the ball on 4th and 18 --and it was caught! WA-HOO!!
Number Three
Fooling around on my brother's Facebook account. Okay, it wasn't that funny when his girlfriend was worried about some things we put on there, but it was still kind of funny... :)
Number Four
Feeling awesome (not really laughable) that I drove almost the entire way to Idaho while Brandon sat in the back with the kids. I got to listen to Christmas Music and just enjoy some solitude time. Who knew that driving was the way to make the trip tolerable? Exactly! The men have been holding out on us for years...
Number Five
Seeing my sister as a mother of two. Honestly, it's awesome. Okay --not laughable, although it is funny to see her worry about the same things I did/do. Sometimes there's no better way to bond with a sibling than to go through the same experience at the same time. I'm so glad she's finally years into the parenting thing now. It makes it easier to talk with her because we understand each other better. I just wish I could have had more time with her!
Number Five and a half
Brandon's birthday. We drove halfway to Idaho and stopped in Winnemucca on his birthday, but we made sure to give him his presents and balloons before we left. When we got to my parents' house Wednesday night, we had a birthday cake for him (Grandma's famous Angel Food Cake!). He is old now. Okay, not really. But it's fun to celebrate birthdays. Oh, and he's 31 now, btw...

Okay, there's lots more. But these will have to do for now. Thanks, Brandon, for making me think positive!

Side note:
The house is clean. The laundry is....washed....and dried...and....that's better than nothing. The Christmas decorations are up!
Oh, and this morning we went to scripture study. #3 decided that he was above asking for the freshly made cookies and tried to get one off the of the hot pan that was pushed out of reach. He has long arms. He burned his fingers. He cried for a long time and wouldn't rest until he had his blanket ("My blankie! My blankie!") So, we had to leave. I haven't been to scripture study in 4 weeks. Grrrrr....but it's okay. I still learned something, and kids sometimes have to come first.

Pictures from Vacation as Promised. These are all from Blackfoot, ID; we forgot to take some in Provo. Oh, well!


brenbot said...

you both look skinny.

Dan, Michelle, Josh and Chris said...

It makes you laugh to see me as a mother? What exactly does that mean? By the way, I have a much better picture of us that I promise I will send. We are both actually smiling!

Cheryl said...

We are skinny! :)

It makes me laugh because of how I was with my first two kids --and because you have no idea what's comin' as they get older! :)

Summer said...

My favorite is the sixth picture down. I love the cheese!

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that you got your decorations up...I haven't gotten that far yet. My kids excitement level when that happens is something that I am not prepared to deal with yet.

Sometimes it is so hard to find the happy/funny things but they are always there. Thanks for the reminder to look extra hard for it.

Brandon S said...

Clarification: #2 said that soggy means "yucky", not "stinky".

I think she's using "My bread is soggy" as a point of reference.

Anyways, it was still funny.

Rochelleht said...

Welcome back! Sounds like it was a fun time!! Where do your parents live nowadays? It's not the house that you grew up in, is it?

I've been not in the mood to decorate. I blogged about it. But, I'm in the middle of it now and It's not so bad. :-)

Cheryl said...

I answered this on your blog just now, but I'll put the answer here, too. We moved to a new house in 1992 --just off of Rose Road and near E. Airport Road. :)

brenbot said...

just wanted to let you know that almonds are the food of the week.

kanga5 said...

The 26.4 minus pounds looks good off you. :) I SO did NOT loose the 10 lbs. by Thanksgiving. At least I didn't GAIN that. :) Fun pictures. Don't you love holidays?

There is a publisher that is by my Grandparents that makes me wonder why you didn't send your book or books to MANY different publishers...

Cristy said...

SO I totally figured out this past trip that driving is the easy part too! Seriously.... anyway, glad you saw the positive side of things. Always easier when clothes are back in the closet and you've had a few days to forget.