Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Happenings

#2 had a party at her preschool last week (I saved the pictures for now). She was a "Puh-pel Pwin-cess!":

#1 had a parade and party at her Elementary school on Halloween. She went as a medieval princess:

Brandon's office had an incredible Halloween! Every Department had a theme and everyone went all out and crazy in decorating. Brandon's dept. had the Circus theme. But there was also Star Trek, Harvest, 80's Prom, Cemetery, and Grease (as in 50's stuff). I cannot even begin to describe the costumes and the decorations! A lot of it was starting to be put away and taken down by the time the kids and I got there, so I really don't have very good pictures of it. But it was fabulous! They also had a pumpkin carving contest --Brandon's is below (#8). [He added some candy to the vomit when we put it on our porch and warned the trick-or-treaters not to binge on their candy.] Brandon stayed in character ("I'm Coo-coo the Clown!") and the kids just loved his costume.

#4 was a clown as well. Isn't he cute?:

#3 was a "Pirate-Vampire!" but he refused a hat or any facial make-up. He was just glad to get candy. Here he is wearing his jacket (costume is underneath, but you can't see it) while we waited for #1's school parade to start:

I decided I couldn't decide on what to be. I started the day out as a Hippie. But the pants didn't fit right (they were too big! Thank you, Weight Watchers! Wa-hoo!) and the headband gave me a headache. So, I found an old dress, labeled a sash "Prom Queen", got out the old dingy wig, stuck some spiders in it (fake), did some dark, dead-like make-up and found a silly crown. I wore this to #1's Halloween party. Then I got home and I hated it (but I wish I had taken a picture!). So, I went back to hippie, but with different pants and a different head-band. Then I got home and I hated it. So I changed into a million things, finally stayed with Hippie, but found a better headband and a FABULOUS shirt! [I'm thinking that from here on out I need to plan ahead for Halloween. It has never been a favorite holiday of mine, but I'm starting to catch the fever!]
Our family went to a friend's house for dinner --they have about 100 people every year for Chilli and cornbread. We finished off the night with trick-or-treating (me answering the door, Brandon going with the kids).
P.S. If you look closely, I have no idea how to draw a Peace Sign. Some guys at the party recognized my Mercedes-Benz sign, though. Ha! :)


Cristy said...

#1 is looking so much like you Cheryl! Especially with that wig! ;) So fun! But as a Mom, I'm sure like me, you're happy to have Halloween over with!

Denae said...

You guys all look great, I'm impressed with the fact that you dressed up. It is just getting too hard for me to find a costume and everyone else's too!

Rochelleht said...

Ha ha ha! That's funny (about the peace sign!). You guys look great. I loved Brandon's pumpkin.

Summer said...

You all look so cute!

Amanda said...

Your costumes are great! Love #1's. It is great! Love the carved pumpkin too. I have never worked anywhere that did anything fun for Halloween. Glad to hear that you had fun.

tamrobot said...

Whoa. All your costumes are great. Brandon's is sooo good! You look really cute as a hippie.

Scott and Laura said...

That is awesome...I love that you all dressed up!!! You all look great! Scott and I stayed home... but next year we will have an 11 month old, so I am looking forward to that!!!