Saturday, November 03, 2007

November is good. I like November.

BYU seriously rocks. Final Score: 35 to 16. Sorry, Colorado State!

Today was our RS Super Saturday! Wa-hoo! Ten of us were asked to put together FHE kits and then everyone signed up for the kits they wanted. I did mine on Manners. It was really fun, yet very time consuming to make. Of course, I signed up to make the other Nine lessons. I'm thinking they'll be ready to share at FHE around June of 2011. Yeah. Right around the time I get started on my scrap-booking again! But I'm still glad I have them; it's good to think about FHE lessons.

Tomorrow is Stake Conference. I'm accompanying the choir --it's a Stake Primary choir! The kids sound fantastic; it is so fun to play for them. More fun? Getting to have Stake Conference up at the Oakland Temple Interstake Center. I'm excited!

I'm looking forward to the extra hour of sleep tonight. I think I might let the kids stay up late tonight, just so they won't wake up at their regular time tomorrow. Regular time + daylight savings = 5:30AM. Bleh.

This is a public thank you (again!) to Kelly A., whom I've never met, who started reading my blog randomly, like I started reading hers, who, as I mentioned before, gave me the link to do NaNoWriMo. I have written almost 7,000 words (about 13 pages) and I'm still going and going. Thank you, Kelly! Thank you!

My house is finally clean after making the effort (please note: clean does not mean that the laundry is folded!). Last week was havoc week. I didn't take the time to blog about the 10 loaves of banana bread and 8 dozen cookies I baked (from a tub, people. I'm not that domestic!) for the preschool bake sale. I was required (signed up for) to bake 4 loaves of bread and 2 batches of cookies. Each additional item entitled me to a raffle ticket for a gift basket. Since I baked 10 extra items to be sold, I got 10 tickets!! If I don't win that basket, I seriously might throw a fit. But if I don't win, I will know that all is right in the world, because honestly? I never win a raffle. It's true! I'm so used to it now that it usually doesn't bother me. But after baking that bread (and being up until midnight Halloween night doing so), I think I might deserve it. :) I'll let you know.

Final Note: I like November. Although Holidays are coming, and I'm writing a novel in 30 days, and my life hasn't changed too much, there is less stuff for me to do in November. I'm not sure how it worked out that way, but I'm grateful. November is good!


Brandon S said...

No mention of the earthquake?


Kelly A. said...

Earthquake!? Nothing seems dull at your place.

November is always good for me too, Thanksgiving is my absolute holiday and the frenzy of Christmas still seems far enough away to not stress. Plus October is a wash because of all the birthdays we have that month.

Way to go on the writing. I just surfed upon the website and it made me think of your tortured writing self! Good luck!

Hope you win the raffle! Or hope you saved yourself a loaf, because homemade bread sounds even better than winning tonight!

Amber said...

Nooooo, 6 a.m. = 5 a.m. in our house. Ugh. ;-)

brenbot said...

oh yah i heard there was an earthquake up there. it was your 2nd one right?

Cheryl said...

Okay, yes we had an earthquake.

And as Bren mentioned, it was my 2nd. The first one didn't even disturb me --I thought the doors rattling was the rain outside. I was half asleep, too. The one that happened this week, though (I think it was Tuesday night) was REAL! Holy cow! I was standing in the living room when it hit --the kids were up in bed; Brandon was on the couch. I thought a big truck was driving by (which doesn't make sense since we live in a cul de sac), because the house started to shake, but then I felt the ground going all wavy and weird and the walls were vibrating...Brandon said my eyes got really big after a few seconds. The quake lasted about 10 seconds or so and I remember thinking "Should I be in a doorway or something?!" but I couldn't move. I wasn't really scared-scared, but it did make me a little nervous.
Oh, well, no worse for wear. :)

Jamie J said...

I love November too. Sounds like you had a great week!rachel06