Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week Thirteen (or is it Fourteen? I'm not sure anymore)

Total Weight Loss for Week 13:
Brandon: 30.8 pounds
Me: 22.4 pounds

Maybe by Christmas it will be off? Well, I know by the New Year it should be; starting on New Year's resolutions in July is so much easier than January. :) (I should clarify that last sentence. What I mean is that I found it easier to start the New Year's resolution of weight loss in July, rather than January because it wasn't as hard to keep going.)


Jamie J said...

YAY! You are awesome!

kanga5 said...

Horray!! 22lbs is AWESOME!! I need to find my switch and change it from-EAT EVERY SNACK/DESSERT FOOD YOU CAN FIND to COME ON NOW- WOULDN'T YOU RATHER GO TAKE A WALK. LOL You are fab for getting this far. You must feel great!

Cheryl said...

To be honest, I still feel down sometimes about it all. Because it doesn't get any easier, you know? I mean, well, it IS easier do I say this? I will always have the weakness to eat to satisfy my emotions. I will always have that weakness to devour a plate-full of brownies. But I have learned how to stop myself and I have learned how to control my appetite. So, I still have bad days, and although I've lost the 22 pounds, I still look in the mirror and remember that I have 15 more to go. That sounds lousy, I'm sure, since I really do know I've done great! But I still have a road before me, and I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel quite yet. But thank you! You too, Jamie. :)
Oh, and kanga, you are a nursing mother, right? Having a veracious appetite comes with the territory! It's amazing how my hunger has reduced since I weaned #4 (not suggesting in ANY way, shape, or form that you should wean! Not! No!). So, have a brownie or two. Just not ten. :) :)

Amanda said...

Way to go! I have decided that I need to find a 5K to do so that I have something to work for. I did go for a nice walk this morning (my neighborhood in Utah was so flat...not so here!), and I plan to keep it up. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cristy said...

I agree, I never make resolutions on Mondays or New Years. They never last. Try a Thursday or Spring.