Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I'm sitting here at my computer, typing this post and when I look around me I see the left-over soup in the crock pot, the dirty dishes, the crayons, the papers, and the shoes on the floor. My husband is at the church playing basketball with the guys, the kids are all asleep, the cat is prowling in the backyard. I can hear the wind chimes, and I can feel the breeze through the crack in the sliding door. I notice that I forgot, again, to buy bread, and #2's field-trip money is due tomorrow. I'm regretting that I forgot to call my Visiting Teaching companion again, and I know I should have emailed that new friend of mine. I'm thinking about the great time I had at Enrichment and I'm wondering if I was friendly enough with everyone. I'm hoping that the conversations I had with my SIL today will not be forgotten, and I hope I don't forget to call my sister tomorrow (again). The nervous feeling I had this afternoon as I mailed my stories to a prospective publisher has died down a little bit; and the high I got from some great piano lessons is still lingering quietly in my mind. I'm hoping the harsh words I spoke on another blog tonight are taken in context...and then I just remembered that I forgot to do the laundry. Again. The short conversation I had with hubby before he left has my brain working over-time; my throat is dry and my legs are tired.

And yet, for some reason, I'm at peace. My life is filled with busy days and crazy schedules. I think of ways to reduce the stress; but I need what I have. To give up running early in the morning would be to give up exercise and some of the best conversation of my day. To give up piano lessons would be to give up sharing my love of music. To give up writing and blogging would be to shrivel up creatively. To give up time with my children and husband would be to give up my existence. To give up cleanliness would be to give up order and calm.

I guess I'll just have to give up laundry. :)
(Yeah, this post was getting too serious for me, too!)


Summer said...

I was just thinking today that even though my days are quite a bit easier with Count Dooku in school, I really miss him and find myself wishing he was home.
Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog. ;)

Jamie J said...

So true. :)