Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Good Grief! I can't stay away for even a day...


I've just about had it, people!

[We interrupt this venting to bring to you a heart-felt thanks to all of those that care about the fate of Cheryl's blogging. She has since repented of her hissy-fit/pity-party ways --for now--and will commence commenting on people's blogs. It only took a good 10 hours for her to see the error of her ways. We owe this miraculous change to the comments her friends and family have left on her previous posts. Also, she is just too loud-mouthed to stay away for long. The silence had to end...if it ever did...Now back to your regularly scheduled fit...]

Since writing the above Argh-ing (which was last night), I've had time to think about how I feel. I've been very disturbed and upset at the uproar over President Beck and her talks (both the RS Broadcast one and the General Conf. one). It is disturbing on many levels. At the very least, it's criticism. At the very most, it's apostasy. (I didn't include the links, but there has been some good said; go to MMW or Tales and you can get more links from there if you are truly interested.)

I've decided not to comment anymore about it. It just sickens me and I'm not going to indulge in conversation that would give any leeway, clearance, or permission to criticize what our leaders and Prophets have said. I've seen what happens to those that indulge in such talk. I've seen what happens to those that think they know "better". What I've seen breaks my heart.

So for now, I will quietly discuss my feelings about such things with my husband. I will take everything President Beck spoke about to heart, and I will work on doing what she asked.

P.S. Ferber was a genius. We're 4 and 0! #4 is sleeping through the night now. :)


Janelle said...

I had no idea there was negative sentiment about Sister Beck's talks. I loved them!

Cheryl said...

Holy Cow, there was. I about died when I realized how heated the debates were. It was so disheartening.

janelle, I can't be at scripture study today; we're going to see my SIL. But I'm so, so, so sad to be missing it!

kanga5 said...

I knew from the beginning of her talk in GC that there were going to be women who would disagree strongly with her. It's the world we live in.
Yeah for sleeping through the night!

Rochelleht said...

Someone didn't like it?? Disturbing.

I thought it (both of her talks) was the best talk I've heard in years. It inspired me on many different levels. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

Jessica said...

I totally agree. My head has been spinning the last couple of days over all the negative junk and outright whining I have read about her talks. It amazed me how quickly it spiraled downward. I was relieved to read your blog as well as a couple of others that defended her.
I am with you, I don't see how one could continue with picking apart our leaders (whom I'm sure they at one time said they'd sustain!) and NOT have it cause some serious problems in the long run. Especially when its done in such a public forum.
I just wanted to scream out "Sheesh, give it a rest already!"
I'm glad you're back.... :)

Amanda said...

My friend that I watched conference with didn't like what Sis. Beck had to say and she said that she thought that it was going to give people guilt. I didn't think that way at all. I felt inspired to do better and be better. Interesting.

Glad to hear that #4 is sleeping through the night! That is so wonderful.

Don't stay away from blogging long when you do need a break! We need our daily Cheryl-fix, although we understand that sometimes you need a break! We all do.

Summer said...

Woohoo for #4 sleeping through the night!
And I think I mentioned before, that is the reason I'm not going near FMH for a long time.

Katie said...

I also liked Sis. Beck's talk. I didn't know there was a big hoopla about it. At the time, I thought, Hmm, some people are not going to understand what she has to say. I think it is about being humble and being able to take self criticism. We ALL have room to improve. I also felt inspired. Blah to all those who feel compelled to complain. Plus, on your comments. They are your comments. Feel free to comment away. I CAN CHOOSE to accept them or not. Just ask Camilia.