Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Best Family Band!

"I think we should have a family band!"
"A band?"
"YES! Dad could play the guitar, you would play the piano, I would sing, #1 and #3 would dance, and #4 would be the audience."
"Sounds good to me!"

#2 then proceeded (a few hours later) to draw pictures (with the help of #1) of our family band.

"We should call it 'The Best Family Band'!" said #2 excitedly.
"Well, no...#2, I don't think we should say that, because we're really not that good." #1 explains.

We now have a gallery on our door with pictures of The Best Family Band. Our first gig should be Monday night at FHE. I'll let you know when we hit it big. :)


Jamie J said...

Sweet! I'd pay to see you guys! :)

Kelly A. said...

Very fun, we subject the grandparents every year to our family band Christmas concert, trumpet (although he has progressed to Tuba this year so that should really make for some tunes!), guitar, flute, piano and triangle. Sweet melodies!

Scotty said...

Savage von trap, the family band. Sounds like fun. Our FHE musics consists of "Jesus wants me for a sun BEAM!" and "I am a child of God." I'll look for the outcome of the band.

Summer said...

My siblings and I use to put on plays for our parents. How sweet of them to humor us. I can't wait till my kids come up with grand ideas like that.

Amanda said...

So cute! You'll have to video yourselves and post it for us!

Cristy said...

Ahhahaha... I LOVE IT! Osmonds and Jets move over!

tamrobot said...

I think one of Jared's greatest motivators for us to have kids is his idea that they can be an added band member to our music project!