Sunday, October 07, 2007

Oh. Lovely.

Anonymous said...
It's so interesting that you're not up for a debate
about your childs heatlth, but you're up for giving your "advice" to everyone.
Seriously, go back and read your are so overwhelmed and can't
hardly stand to admit it. Always referring to wanting more. Take care of the
ones you have and take a break, maybe that would help the yelling and spanking
thing. And yes.......I have FOUR kids too also did it in 6 years. Really, you
make it sound like you're superwoman or something. Really.

This is why I want to stop blogging. Giving an opinion, in any anonymous form, leaves room for judgement. It doesn't matter if one comment is vetoed by an apology in another comment (which is something I just did recently on a community blog), what is said is taken at face value and snap judgements are made. And then I end up getting insulted on my own blog. This has happened to me before.

Look, people. If you want to insult me and my parenting, or my writing, or my problems or heck, even my terrible weaknesses, then do it to my FACE. Email me. Or at least be woman enough to leave your name. I can't stand this type of communication. Save it for the community blogs. Don't do it on my personal one.


Kelly A. said...

Wow, Cheryl! Hang in there, (which you obviously are). I couldn't imagine attacking a friend for sharing her insights or concerns. And I really couldn't imagine walking up to a stranger on the street and doing it.

I for one take every bit of your advice to heart, your encouragement to take better care of our bodies, your enthusiasm for making the most of your marriage, and your discoveries as you raise your children.

Keep it up!

Summer said...

Don't let that grumpy, cowardly, witchy troll put a stop to your blogging. I echo what Kate said. Keep it up!

TftCarrie said...

You should definitely turn off anonymous comments on your personal blog. I hate anonymous comments. I only keep them on on the group blog because we sometimes talk about sensitive issues that people might want to keep their identity private. But I HATE it when people use it as a mask to be mean.

Amanda said...

I'm sorry that anonymous came to your blog and made you feel that way. I haven't had that kind of experience. I think that all your comments are great. The thing is that we don't all have to agree with each other! AND, you can write about what you want or YOUR blog and in YOUR comments (if they don't agree they can delete them if they are insulted or something, right?). Keep up the good work and remember that most of us love your blogs/comments.

Cristy said...

OK, when I read that comment I said literally out loud "Oh No You Didn't!" and shook my finger and everything!!!! Let it go Cheryl, always be yourself. I can't believe that!

I took a little blogging break this week too.