Sunday, February 25, 2007

And our stuff keeps crawling out of the corners...

So is going so slowly...crawling, really --almost a snail's pace. But the hardest part is almost behind me. "And what," you might ask, "is the hardest part?" (So far. I should add "so far" because it may not be the hardest part at this point!)


Purging is good because we get rid of lots of junk. Junk we don't want to haul across the deserts of Nevada in a slow truck. Junk I wish I would have gotten rid of years ago, but hid in corners instead. Junk that is another man's treasure. I am now DI's favorite donater; I think I've given about 3 van fulls already -- and that doesn't include the furniture! much DI furniture to give back to DI. Yes, it really does come full circle... But purging is hard because it takes so long and nobody can help me do it. I have to decide on my own what I want and don't want; the RS sisters can't make those decisions for me, you know?

I have DH for one more day. We'll get a ton finished tomorrow, I know it. I know it because we have to... :)

OH! And for those that are interested the timeline is as follows:
Saturday the 3rd: Load up the truck!! All the way! To the top! And then clean the house like crazy.
Sunday the 4th: Bless #4 in our Sacrament Meeting, have the family luncheon at the Townhome clubhouse nearby, and then by 6PM we're hitting the road!! Good-bye, sweet Provo...
Monday the 5th: Finish driving and get to Concord. Yay!


Clark Family said...

Hey Cheryl! congrats on the new baby, new job, new! Exciting stuff. I got your Christmas card in the mail and have been enjoying your blog ever since. We were just in CA and saw Peter and Laura and their cute kids. Love them. Anyway, here's the link to my blog:

Have fun packing!


Jan said...

I really can't believe you're leaving Provo. It boggles my mind. Of the Wahs, I thought for sure you and your DH would be there the longest. Guess D and S beat you out!

But hey, we're in CA pretty often! You wouldn't happen to have a spare bedroom in that new house or yours, would you? :) JK!

tamrobot said...

Wow, I seriously can't believe how fast this is all happening. I would be a basket case. I wish I could help with the move. And Happy late Birthday! I hope you got our message yesterday. I love you!

Cheryl said...

Totally got your phone call! Sorry that I didn't call back; it's been crazy here...

yay! I'll check your blog sometime soon!

Thanks for the phone call the other was awesome to talk to you!

We move in 2 days!! CRAZY!!!!

P.S. I met Rarely Home Mom today! She came over and she's AWESOME!!