Saturday, February 24, 2007

And we have a house!

  • We have a house! DH found one this week; we can move in
  • ...we're moving March 5th! Hopefully we'll be all moved into our place (well at least "unloaded") by the 7th...
  • My Bubba (youngest brother) comes home from his mission on the 6th!! Yahoo!! I had a cool dream last night that he came home a week early and he walked into our church just as I was leaving and there he was! And I started bawling like a baby, I was so excited to see him. I think I'm feeling guilty because we're moving the day before he comes home. And I've missed him so much! But...
  • ...I'll see him on the 10th when we go to our cousin's wedding in Orange County. Yay! I still get to see him!!
  • I'm really tired. Beyond exhaustion, really. But I took it easy last night while DH was at the Scout camp-out.
  • Today I shall do laundry, visit some friends, pack like a mad-woman, and then pack some more. Should be a good day. At least DH will be home by noon to help me!
  • P.S. DH bought me flowers yesterday afternoon because he's so awesome. And I think he feels a tad guilty for being gone so much and leaving me to do the packing. But I remind him; "you're working out there! And you found us a house! It's not like you're just sitting around, either..." I love that man. :)


Janelle said...

We're excited on our end too!

Cheryl said...

:) :)

Amber said...

I just found your site and am excited for your upcoming adventures! We took a recent trip to Half Moon Bay (outside of San Francisco) and I retracted my threat that I could never live in California. I definitely fell in love with the Bay Area (but NOT the cost of housing!)

Heather said...

We found you!
We were so happy to get your "Christmas letter" and find out what you all are up to. Ethan just about choked on his dinner when he read about #4. It feels like just yesterday we were over for dinner and #2 was ON THE WAY! Wow. California will be a grand adventure. Be sure and keep the blog updated so we don't loose track of you all. You guys look so happy!
Hey Cheryl, why do you call him DH?
We'll check in often!
Ethan & Heather Bratt

PS: Feel free to come see us anytime as well! Our blog address is:
We blog at least once a week or else the grandparents will have our heads! (Be sure and leave us a comment when you get there so we know you found us ok!)

Cheryl said...

Yay! I'm glad you commented. Where in Canada are you from? I LOVE Canada and try to make it back every year...I also vowed NEVER to live in California --until I started dating my husband, and of course, I had to change my mind, he being a Californian and all... :)

I'm glad you got the letter okay! Remind Ethan that DH and I have been married for 8 years now; 4 kids is just about right. :) Oh, and DH for me (and some other bloggers) means Darling Husband. I keep it fairly anonymous here because of the many community blogs I frequent...But hey, I will definitely visit your site (I'll admit I have in the past!) and leave comments this time... :)