Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No MBA for now...

Well, DH has decided NOT to apply to Wharton this year. After his preliminary (preapplication?) interview, he's learned that Wharton does not readily accept people unless they have a solid company backing them up (i.e. he needs a secure job that will support his decision to go there), and since DH doesn't "technically" have a job right now, he's afraid Wharton will reject him on that point alone. If so, it will be a waste of time and money on our part....therefore, we will apply next year instead.

Sooooo.....that's all. We will find out by Friday if he gets the job in San Francisco!! (well, they told us we'd know by Friday, so we sure hope we'll know!). I will be quick to the phone and to the blog if and when we get the job. If we don't? Well, maybe I won't be as quick. :)


RoAnn said...

Is your DH primarily interested in Wharton because he wants a career in finance? I understand that is what they are particularly noted for.

I ask, because our son raves about the U of Michigan MBA program, from which he will be graduated in April.

He aspired to Harvard, but didn't get in. He is now glad he didn't, because he thinks the U of Michigan program has been better suited to his interests and needs.

Last summer he was offered three internships in the city of his choice. He took one which resulted in a job offer from a major consulting company; and he credits such poaitive results to the superb career, interview and resume counseling which supplement outstanding teaching and course work at the U of MI. If that sounds like an ad for the university, it is! His initial disappointment in not going to Harvard has been totally replaced by the conviction that he went to the right place.

Wharton may very well be the right place for your DH, of course. But I just thought I'd throw out the idea that one's "dream job" may come in unlooked-for ways. :)

Cheryl said...

Hey, thanks for the advice! It's common to find blessings in places we don't think we'll find them, that's for sure. :)

No, DH mostly just wants an MBA that he can work with almost anywhere. He's not particular in a certain career path --he would just like the education to back him up when opportunities present themselves.

I once told him, "honey, why don't you get your MBA at BYU? Then we could stay right here. And you know, BYU's MBA program is one of the top 25!" and his reply was "Yes, but it's not #1. Wharton is #1."

He won't settle for anything but the best; that's my hubby! :) He's also a genius, so the only thing keeping him out would be the job thing. Seriously, I know it sounds like I'm just bragging, but he really is quite intelligent. Never known anyone with such a high IQ and such amazing test scores. I'm just hoping the kids get his brain genes and then they can have my creativity. :)

But thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate it!

RoAnn said...

Thanks for your kind reaction to my infomercial for the U of MI. LOL! I'm sure your husband will do well in whatever he puts his mind to.