Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, Saturday did not go as well. It was very cold, and rained most of the afternoon and the evening. Here are the highlights (and lows, as well):

  • Took forever to pack and load the car. Didn't leave until after 10AM and thus my bad mood was beginning...
  • Couldn't figure out why I was in such a bad funk all day. I was acting like I had PMS, but I'm not sure how that is possible, given that I don't have periods right now...
  • #3 refused to wear a poncho. Refused ALL DAY. Didn't help that he didn't get a nap until 5:30PM (in the stroller, walking back to the car), and because he refused the poncho, got soaking wet.
  • #2 whined all day and refused to cooperate even in simple things --but at least she wore her poncho
  • Luckily, #1 had a good time.
  • We did a lot of shows, versus rides. By the time the rain started pouring at 5PM, we were spent --the weather, the bad attitudes (mine included) and being tired sent us car-bound.
  • Kids were very happy to be warm and dry in the car. We started driving towards Simi Valley (DH's mom lives there).
  • Tried to find a nice restaurant for dinner. Decided that after spending $50 per meal inside Disneyland for fast food, spending $50 for a nice meal was worth it.
  • Finally went onto Ventura County (after finding nothing) and got to a Macaroni Grill. Yummy! Our bad moods disappeared. :)
  • Got to "Nana" and "Papa" 's house. Put the kids to bed. Crashed ourselves.
  • Disneyland Vacation over. How sad it had to end with rain...

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