Thursday, December 14, 2006


We woke up a little later this time than usual --we were so tired from yesterday! It was an early day today --for those of us staying in the hotels, they let us in on Thursdays and Saturdays one hour earlier than the public --but we opted to just go at the regular time. However, we ended up getting there almost 30 minutes before the general public was let in, so we were able to do some rides that would originally have taken us forever to get on. Yay for us!

We spent the morning doing our own thing --riding around in Fantasyland and Toon Town, and then DH's Aunt and her two girls met us in Toon Town, and soon thereafter we were joined by my cousin and his fiance. It was fun to have some family around! (and I approve of my cousin's fiance --the little time I talked with her, she's seems pretty awesome). The rest of the afternoon was spent in California Adventure with our "guests". It was great to see them and the kids had tons of fun with their cousins.

After a lllllooooonnnngggg afternoon, (where #2 decided to fall asleep again, and this time, #3 chose to NOT take a nap --grumpy little boy!), we got dinner (with an amazing waiter that even grumpy #3 liked), and came back to the hotel. We bathed the kids, and had them watch a movie instead of going swimming. Good choice! We were so tired --still are!

Oh, and the fireworks show (which we saw last night) was later than usual, but we could see ALL of it from our hotel window. Of course, we couldn't really hear the music, but the fireworks were there...and it was so nice to just sit here, watch them, and then when they were done, not face the hoards of people trying to get out of the park. We just closed the drapes and hopped into bed. Okay, well, the kids did. :)

Two more days of Disneyland and California Adventure! My feet are hating me, but I'm still loving it! And the kids are still thrilled to be here...

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