Thursday, December 14, 2006


Ahh, Disneyland!

We woke up nice and early, and thanks to some fabulous planning, foresight, help from DH, and cool software (that gives you an awesome schedule for Disneyland determinate upon your specifications for the day), we spent a long and fun day at Disneyland.

We were able to get in by 8:30AM and past Main Street at 9AM. We spent lots of time in Fantasyland, Tomorrow Land and Adventure Land. I'm not going to bore anyone with the details of what rides we happened to ride upon --just know that we rode A TON and the kids were very happy. We took a break around 1:30PM, came back to the hotel, swam for a good hour or so (where DH has now taught #3 how to swim unassisted with a life vest), and then went back to our room for naps. Okay, well, #3 was the only one that napped, and of course, #2 chose the ride back to Disneyland for her nap.

The rest of the night was back in Disneyland --we saw the parade, the fireworks, etc. and did quite a few more rides. By the time we got back to our room (9:40PM or so) we were all feet hurt, too! The kids fell right to sleep and DH and I were not too far behind them. Even though it was hard to walk so much --and I did take it slower than I could have, that's for sure! --we had such a great time. I love Disneyland!

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