Monday, October 30, 2006

Primary Program is over!

So the Primary Program is done!

I was pretty nervous. It was my first Sacrament Meeting Program as the Primary Pres. in our ward, I wrote the whole thing, directed it, and felt lots of pressure. There are so many details to work out with this thing! I'm just glad that we only had 68 children in the Program, versus the 121 my parent's ward has...

Anyway, it actually went really well. We did a good job practicing over the last few weeks --the pizza party we had Saturday was a good incentive and a lot of kids showed up. But the kids were great --they knew their parts (helped that they were one-liners), they knew their songs (thanks to GREAT choristers), and most of all --they were reverent. I have to say that the reverence surprised and delighted me all at the same time. Man, they are great kids.

I was asked to speak after the Program, and to be honest, I think that was the worst part. Luckily, I wrote every word down, so I practically read it --but it went over well. You can always tell --when audience members are crying the same time you are, well, they must like it, eh?

Anyways, so it's done. Now all I have to worry about is Halloween, our cruise, piano lessons, preschool, Thanksgiving, Christmas, possible moving, whatever new job DH gets, the 10 year reunion, getting ready for the new baby, etc. etc. etc. But somehow, with the Program out of the way, it all seems easy from this point on!

Ha. Ha. :)

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