Monday, October 30, 2006

Peas and bikes


  • I had a strange dream that I served my kids green peas and had them eat them with toothpicks. I remember waking up and thinking, "peas? My kids HATE peas! They used to like peas, but now they don't!" When I made lunch, I remembered the dream again, and decided to try it. Why not? So I told them to eat their peas with toothpicks and you know what? That dream was REVELATION, people, REVELATION!!! Okay, well, whatever it was, my kids were thrilled. They ate their peas all down. ALL THREE OF THEM. I couldn't believe it! Such a simple trick and they re-discovered their fondness for peas.
  • #1 taught herself to ride a bike. I am not kidding you --she is 5 years old and never had a bike with training wheels. We got a great old bike from a neighbor, but there were no training wheels on it. That did not stop her --she's been trying to ride it for a couple of weeks now, and just the other day (Friday, was it?) she was excited to show us that she could ride a 2-wheeler. And she can RIDE it. Really ride it! No tricks! I was floored. Today she rode it to a friend's house down the street --how did she do it? She's freakin' brilliant, that's why!
  • #1 lost her second tooth this morning...yay!
  • Tomorrow for Halloween, I'm having a party for my preschool. Fun! I'm still debating on wearing my scary wig with clown make-up or going for the scary....hmmm....probably go for the clown. A nice clown. My kids might freak out if I'm scary....
  • We carved pumpkins tonight --I had forgotten how messy it could be. But it's so fun with the kids! They make everything so fun and exciting. Nothing is mediocre in their life --it's all amazing and everything is so BIG.
  • DH is really sick. We're hoping it doesn't turn into Bronchitis, but you never know. I can tell it's bad because he's been sleeping so much. I worry about him...
P.S. Brenbot --I'll take pictures of my hair tomorrow, I promise!!!

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brenbot said...

halloween pictures of the kids too!