Friday, October 27, 2006

Back to normal

I finally dyed my hair back to it's natural color today. My good neighbor is a freakin' genius when it comes to hair, and I swear I will go to her forever. A friend of mine had dyed my hair a lighter color last Spring, but I decided to go back to the dark color. But because my hair was so light, my neighbor had to make sure the color stayed in for a while, and so it's almost a shade darker than usual. DH was shocked and thought I had dyed it black at first --then he saw a picture from 2 years ago and realized my hair has always been that way, a.k.a. DARK. And even though it is a tad darker than usual, it still matches my eyebrows. :)

Anyways, I'll be going back for some dark and natural looking highlights next week.

Ahh, I love getting my hair done. Somehow it just feels refreshing, you know?


brenbot said...

pictues please

brenbot said...

pictuRes that it.

Cheryl said...

I'll post one soon!