Sunday, September 10, 2006

Autumn! You know what that means?!!?

You can smell it even before the day arrives. Anticipation fills the air and you are constantly aware of the date, the time, the moment before you can embrace the reality of the beginning. When the day arrives, you get excited --excited before you even roll out of bed. What will I wear? Do I have everything I need? I hope the babysitter's on time!

Yes, my fellow fans, I am talking about BYU FOOTBALL. And specifically, HOME GAMES.

Oh, I love it!!! DH converted me to football over 8 years ago, and through patient education, taught me the game. I have to admit I never really liked football until then. I just went to the games as a Freshman at BYU because I liked boys. Boys were at football games. Boys liked to flirt with me at football games. Easy reasoning, right? Well, once fanatic-minded DH stepped into the picture, I either had to learn to love the game itself, or resent DH for the rest of our lives for loving and paying so much attention to football. To me, the decision was easy.

So we go. Every home game, every year. It's obviously convenient being in Provo --and a great date "day". We don't bring the kids (too young to sit through the whole thing) unless I'm nursin' one of them (ummm...I wean them around 8-10 months, so it's not much of a problem) and then they're super cute in their BYU outfits. ANYWAYS --we go. All away games are watched in our home with lots of people invited over. Sometimes we go to an away game or two --sometimes DH will go with his dad (another BYU fanatic), and I never resent him when he does.

BYU football is in our blood. Our kids know the Cougar fight song from infancy. They know the cheers. They know the colors. They LOVE the mascot (yay, Cosmo!). They will grow up knowing that we love BYU.

Of course, this will set off alarm bells in many people's heads ---"WHAT?!?! You're convincing them that BYU is the only place to go to college! That's brainwashing!"

No, no, no. Our kids can go to whatever college they want. If they choose BYU, great. If not, okay! We just want them to go to college. We just hope they will love and respect BYU like we do.

And if they go to the "U", then they will be disowned... :)

But seriously, we love football. We've even started taking the kids every Friday night to Provo games to cheer on our neighbor. They know things now like "first downs" and "passing interference". Smart kids.

NFL doesn't get me goin' like college ball, though. Not sure why. DH has his fantasy football team, and so he likes to check the scores, but he doesn't watch NFL either, unless he's bored. But college ball? Only thing on!

DH is also downstairs, right now, playing College Football on the X-box.

Ahh, football. Ya' gotta love the season!!


brenbot said...

You're getting ahead of yourself... autumn doesn't begin until the 23rd!

Cheryl said...

Oh, no! Autumn starts when College football starts. :)