Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Daughter's Debut

#1 landed her first film role today. What's funny is that it was not sought out nor intentional.

I've always fiddled with the idea of putting her into theater. Maybe take her to those scouting things they do all the time her in Utah (hey, you have to admit that cute Mormon kids who are taught to sing since they are in utero must be somewhat of an attraction to talent scouts). Or maybe I'll do something to that effect. Never did, though. Never really, honestly, accurately or seriously considered doing it.

Until today!

My good friend --in my ward --is a very talented and well-known costumer for several local theaters. She was asked to be the costumer for a BYU documentary that will be shown at BYU Homecoming, as well as a longer piece for KBYU (a.k.a. PBS). Since this is done with BYU money, they can't really afford to hire "real" actors/actresses. So, a lot of family members of the crew and such are asked to come. My friend asked me if they could use my #1. DH thought it was a great idea, although I was nervous at first. See, #1 portrayed whom the documentary was about. Yeah, you know, the lead --the main enchilada, the head honcho, the reason for doing the film. However, this being a documentary, I knew that it would be a dramatization --no speaking parts, just looking good parts.

We went up (just #1 and me) to This is the Place Heritage Park, where they were filming, and spent a fabulous morning together. She was brilliant. So brilliant that the director put her in another documentary he is doing on Philo T. Farnsworth (inventor of the TV). Both parts were short, not too exciting, no speaking, but I was amazed --AMAZED! --at the natural talent my kid has for acting.

Now--disclaimer. I am a very good judge when it comes to acting. ESPECIALLY on the stage. I have been a frequent critic of the theater since I was a kid, and I know what looks good and sounds good. Trust me, I KNOW. And I'm not afraid to admit it, although sometimes I try to hide my distaste because of my compassion.

ANYWAYS --my kid is good. Director only had to tell her once. ONCE! And she shined. I was blown away by this slightly hidden talent. So blown that I have decided that if and when another opportunity for something like this comes along, I'll let her do it. She was glad to hear that, but really ticked off at me that we had to leave when her scenes were done. :)

P.S. Now I have great respect for film actors. I never realized all the hours and hours and hours of preparation for 15 minutes of filming. What patience!

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brenbot said...

wow. way exciting. go #1.