Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vacations and stuff

Well, vacations are over, all my family is gone, and we are starting to settle down and get ready for the school year.

School year? Some of you ask me this --yes, school year. This year #1 will be attending Kindergarten and we are all very excited. I will be even more excited if #2 gets into the preschool I have wanted for her. Then it will be just #3 and me 3 times a week and we'll have great fun! Running errands! Playing with cars! Running more errands! Playing with trucks! Piano lessons also will begin soon, and I have to say I've had mixed feelings --"No, not that mess again, if they don't practice I don't know what I'll do!" to "I can't wait for piano! Yay! Creative expression and MONEY! Yay!" But all these things will put me on a schedule, and so just call me a kid, I love my schedules. Makes life easier for me. When I have too much time on my hands, I end up doing nothing. So sad, but so true.

Well, I promised a California update with some pictures. Well, pictures will have to wait, since DH has it this weekend while he and the scouts hike Mt. Timpanogos. But here are some details:

SIL got married! It was beautiful. DH and I were in the wedding party and #1 and #2 were flower girls. #3 spent the whole ceremony with Aunt K SCREAMING outside (I'm sorry Aunt K! and Thank you!!!). But it was a fabulous ceremony none-the-less. We then went to MIL's house for a fab reception and the kids wore themselves out perfectly. There was a fiesta that I missed because of the kids, but DH went and said it was cool --great food, but lots and lots of drinking. Not really his thing. :)
After the wedding festivities and then Sunday activities, DH flew home to work while I stayed with my MIL for the week. It was really fun! It was full of horse rides, the beach, the treasure box with "Papa", and shopping. Then that Thursday, we headed for Lake Lopez. I picked up DH at the airport near Lake Lopez so he could spend that weekend with us. For details, please go here. She does a much better job describing it and why we do it. It was a great weekend!

The drive home? Now that was interesting. We left at 1PM Cali time (2PM Provo time) and got home at 3:45AM (Provo time). Yes, it was a LONG drive, but we did it. We only had a few potty breaks and one vomitting child. That was fun. Yes, because she gets car sick, #2 doesn't do well in stop and go heavy traffic in San Bernadino. Yuck.

That is all for now. I must clean my house and take a shower. And print out piano newsletters. And answer emails. And read our mail. And plan Sharing Time for tomorrow. Hmmm....not busy at all....

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