Monday, July 10, 2006

Cleanliness defined only by absence?

With DH gone at Scout Camp all week (was up at 3AM, gone at 5AM, back at 7AM to say "bye" to the kiddies and gone again), I have time, so it seems, to do the things I don't normally do. I did them today. In order:
  1. After vacuuming the living room carpet, I got out my "spot-shot" and went to it. Now the carpet no longer needs to be cleaned. Wait, scratch that. Now the carpet no longer looks like it needs to be cleaned.
  2. I did 8 loads of laundry
  3. I vacuumed behind all the couches in the basement (family room and play room!)
  4. I helped the kids clean the playroom without too much yelling --I really was patient and I was surprised, but there was no "daddy will be here soon!" deadline to convince them to work faster (and myself). I figured we get done whenever we got done.

Yes, this sounds pathetic, I know. (DH is gone for a week and all I want to do is clean?)It really is, but I've realized something. MY HOUSE IS CLEANER WHEN DH IS GONE! Every weekend, my home looks like a war zone. By Tuesday, I'll actually let the VT in again. But come Sunday! I've tried to figure out why and I came to these conclusions:

  • DH really doesn't like to clean (who does??!?!)
  • I would rather spend time with him than clean
  • He would rather spend time with me than clean

Makes sense to me. But it's still hard. I'm positive that all of the Scout leaders in our ward think I am the messiest woman in the world. They only show up on weekends. Why can't they be here now? Huh??!??! Oh, yeah....Scout Camp. I wonder if their wives are cleaning, too....

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