Monday, July 17, 2006

Glad to have DH home again...

I've had a fun week --it's been exhausting, but you wouldn't know that from the lack of things I actually did.

DH was at Scout Camp all week. Here's what we did (the kiddies and I):
  • Cleaned the house like crazy on Monday (see previous post)
  • Had some friends over on Tuesday (my friend and her children that happen to be the same age as my children --more or less)
  • One of my best friends whom I hadn't seen in a year came over Wednesday.
  • My mom and sis and nephew came Wed and stayed through until Friday
  • Wed. night #1 and I went to a wedding reception. Fun!!
  • Thursday we picked apricots, went swimming, and then the adults went to dinner/shopping (I got new shoes!) while the kids stayed with sitters.
  • Friday, my mom and sis left and then we had another LAZY DAY.
  • DH came home on Saturday

It's great to have DH home. It's hard when he leaves, and I get torn emotionally between all the tasks that I have to do --and even though he works all day and has to be gone for his calling, there's just something to be said for his presence at night and in the mornings. Seriously, I have no idea how single moms do it. I'm so grateful for DH and his amazing support. I'm glad he's home...

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