Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Randomness...

Random Thoughts and Goin' Ons.....
  • #1 almost drowned last night. Well, not almost --DH was right there and she was fine. But she sure was scared and it was a scary thing...okay, maybe not as scary as when Cousin B's daughter was drowning, none of us noticed and Cousin B had to jump into the pool, fully clothed, and Preggers to save her. Boy, did we feel bad! That just goes to show you what idle gossip can do --you eliminate all other noise in your head and focus on when your next opinion can be shared. Not safe around swimming pools!! (B's daughter is fine --just so you know...). :)
  • I'm going to be in the Great White North (that would be Canada, people!) for a while. We leave Saturday, and so blogging will probably be slowing way, way, way down next week. I'm kind of looking forward to the break, because this blogging thing can be addicting.
  • Laundry stinks.
  • My friend "D" had her 3rd child last week --a little girl. She deserves this sweet (and very good, so I hear) girl, having had 2 boys herself. Congrats!
  • My 5K race is Saturday! Everybody be cheering for me!
  • Speaking of 5K's --J couldnt' run with me this morning, and so I was very tempted to just sleep in. However, I forced myself out of bed and ran...1 mile.."hey, that's not so bad"....2 miles..."maybe I'll stop --no you can't stop!"....3 miles!! I did the whole thing all on my own. Of course, I had some help from the Barenaked Ladies on my ipod. Good tunes.
  • Laundry is not very fun, I have I ever said that before?
  • I'm feelin' lazy right now, but I'm content and happy with life. There's a lot I have to get done before our great trip, so I should get started, but where's the fun in being prepared? Pressure, people, pressure! Procrastination prepares one for pressure and then panic. I get lots done in a mode of panic... :) Hmmm..I'm wondering if I should patent that phrase...."Procrastination prepares one for pressure and panic" --by cheryl. I like that!
  • Oh, I hate laundry!

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