Thursday, June 22, 2006

Craziness right now...

Craziness exists in my life to make me humble. I think. Well, that and to teach me to chill out under pressure. Oh, wait. Maybe that's the same thing....hmmm....

Well, anyways, I have been trying to get ready for our annual trip to Canada this weekend, and, of course, everything has to be happening right now! This week! Everyday! No other time! So far my life has been crammed with the following:
  • Family Dinners
  • Visiting Teaching
  • Book Club
  • TONS of rehearsals for Enrichment night
  • Enrichment
  • Weight Watchers meeting
  • Laundry (which I hate --didn't you know?)
  • Running errands
  • Shopping at Costco
  • Birthday parties (okay, just one)
  • Preparing for the 5K
  • Primary Presidency stuff
  • Taking care of my 3 adorable (and crazy!!!) children

And, of course, this has all occurred from Monday -Thursday. Well, okay, Enrichment is tonight, so that hasn't happened yet, but it will! And there are more rehearsals before then!

Perhaps this all could have been avoided had I not listened to my procrastination phrase (see below). Hmmm...procrastination does produce panic, but now I'm wondering, is that good? Oh, the wishy-washiness of it all!!

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