Friday, June 23, 2006

Maybe now I'll be a stage mom...

Last night was our Fashion Show for Enrichment.

It went really well, and the girls did a good job...they had the young women and primary aged girls model several personal dresses made and/or owned by women in our ward. There was everything from Sunday dresses to prom dresses to wedding dresses. There were musical numbers as well, and my girls performed...

#1 sang her very first solo! She sang "I will Follow God's Plan for me" and did a great job. She also sang "Me and My Teddy Bear" with 3 other girls --they did a little dance and song thing with their teddy bears. It was precious.

#2 was asked by Sister "L" (who was in charge of the evening) to dance at the last minute. #2 thought it was Christmas! She did a "lyrical/modern" dance peice she made up herself out of the blue. It was just adorable and looked like she had practiced for days. :)

What really bites my butt is that the camera card was missing in the camera when I went to take pictures of them...AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!! So, no pictures of their first stage debut. ~sigh~

They (meaning the RS people) also had dresses displayed, and so I had them display my wedding dress along with #1's blessing dress. DH's aunt made them for us with the same material, and so they are very special to me. It was great to see them out of storage for a while.

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