Monday, May 08, 2006

Lazy day, lazy day, GO AWAY!

Well, you guys all stink at advice (previous post). Okay, well maybe you have never experienced this (mom! :) ) or perhaps I just haven't been patient enough, but I must move on with my posts!

Today was a lazy day. You ever have one of those? I mean, down-and-out lazy with absolutely NO reason to be lazy, but you are lazy none-the-less? Here's how it went:

Woke up late --my walking partner is gone and DH went to work at 4AM.
Fed the kids.
Fed the kids
Cleaned the bathroom, living room, and kitchen (to a presentable state) in 30 minutes.
Taught one piano lesson
Fed the kids

Man, I feel depressed. Just realizing how I spent my day I feel depressed! And no, I didn't ignore the kids like it sounds. I helped them color, they watched a movie, played princess, built a castle, #1 went to a friend's house, there was naptime, etc.
Yes, I'm justifying!

So, the plan for tomorrow will be:

Wake up and exercise (I miss you, J!!!)
Feed the kids
Shower, dress, make the shopping list
Go to the park
Teach 3 piano lessons
Return and make all phone calls
Plan and attend Primary Presidency Meeting

Yes, yes. If I stay busy and on top of those things tomorrow, the lazy day guilt might slowly start to leave... :)

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