Wednesday, May 10, 2006

#3 and good ol' cousin...

I love my cousin. She is gone on a "dig" for the next few months, but before she left, she stayed with us for a few days. She goes to BYU and we keep her stuff in our basement every summer. What I love is I just found this pic on my computer --she downloaded her camera before leaving, and luckily, my #3 was on it! Isn't he adorable! Yes, I am showing #3 because he is the cutest thing and smiles like that everytime you say "cheese!".

Another reason I had to post this was because I discovered a way to make him (once again) sleep through the night and scream/yell less. I have....drumroll, please...spent more time with him. Yes, more time.

You think I could of thought of that on my own, eh? Well, think again. My walking friend J gave me the advice, and it was brilliant (thanks!).

So, now, I will chase him, cuddle with him, tickle him, play catch with him, and I have found that he is generally happier. Go figure!

#2 and #1 I had down pretty good. #2 likes books. #1 likes to talk. #3 likes to ram trucks into things and throw anything he sees.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this mom thing....

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