Thursday, April 13, 2006

Plethora of stuff

I've been on hiatus this week --recovering, pondering, mulling, and sometimes zoning. I've also entered my "widowship" which will last until June. Did I already post something on this? Hmmm..maybe I should check...

Anyways, it's hard being a single mom. Bless DH --he sure does his best. He's up at 5AM, works until 6:30AM while I'm out walking from 6-7AM. I get the kids up by 7:15AM and DH is out the door by 8AM at the latest. If he has time, he comes home for lunch and a quick nap and then he's gone until 10PM. The kids sometimes see him, but not always. Most days I feel like he's my boyfriend rather than my husband. But this is a temporary thing --happens every year and it will be fine. We'll get through it all.

The light at the end of the tunnel is one shining, glorious, beautiful thing: A MINI-VAN! Yes, yes, yes! We are going to be getting one by June before our big trip to Canada. I have never been so excited about a car in my life! I mean, goose-bumps excited! DH vowed we'd never own one --HA! He knows the practicality and the beauty of a perfect mommy vehicle when he sees one and he finally understands that if he wants 6 kids, I'm gonna need something to drive them around. Okay, I'll admit it --he wants 9 kids --but if we ever do, that would mean we'll need a super big van, and I'm not quite a fan of those quite yet... (Disneyland story with big van will come later via request).

So, I've been consumed by single-motherhood, picking out colors of my van, and dealing with this miscarriage. Then there's the constant cleaning, picking up, driving, walking, wiping, changing, kissing, and washing that I do every day. Oh, and the Primary stuff. Oh, and my 15 piano students. Oh, and crazy/fun/whatever family stuff that is always going on. Oh, and the visiting teaching that I really stink at.

Doesn't leave much time for blogging...

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