Friday, April 14, 2006

House vs. Lawn

I can't believe I did it.

I gave up my chance for a maid so DH could have a lawn service. I know, I know! Why would I do that? What was I thinking? Well, my thinking was this: DH pretty much NEVER has time to do the lawn anymore with his job -- since he was promoted last fall, he's been working hard and summers are the busiest time of the year for his company, anyway. So, year after year he gets to hear his wife say: "Haven't you mowed the lawn, yet?!?? Look at our crazy grass! The neighbors are starting to comment! There's a colony of quail in the grass, honey, the GRASS."

So, we hired a lawn service.

They started yesterday and I must say they do an excellent job for a reasonable price. I was very impressed. And, because we have a fabulous lawn, now, we will be outside in it more often. Which means less mess inside. Which means I won't have to clean as much. Which means not having a maid will not be the end of the world. :)

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