Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Okay, so I'm not being very good at posting each day, and for some reason I think I have to have something brilliant to say before I can post. Things are gonna change people! I'm thinking that I will have to just blog a plethora of plots (which, by the way, was the name of a video presentation senior year in AP English--"Shakespeare's Plethora of Plots" which was really just a bunch of silly seniors acting crazy and thinking they understood Shakespeare. Ahh, what memories!!). That way I will get out what I'm thinking and it won't be all "cateogorized" or "boring" or "by the book" or whatever the heck I'm even trying to say right now. Oh, wait! I know! It will be like how I am in person. Talkative and crazy but a little bit happy... :)

So this week was #1's last day of preschool. Depression around here lasted about 2 hours. I really thought she'd be more broken up about it, but she doesn't seem to care much anymore. ~sigh~ To be 4 again! I'm actually a little glad to have a break from driving her up to BYU campus and back again everyday. I know #2 and #3 are glad about that!

My sis-in-law is getting married this weekend, and so Fri. the long drive to Cali will commence. It will be a quick trip, one that will entail, I'm sure, plenty of stops along the I-15 for "potty" and lots of crying, and usually whining, but it'll be fine. I figure that if my kids can sit still for 9 hours without killing each other, I've probably done something right. We are so excited to be going, too. We love seeing DH's mom's side of the family --and I'm THRILLED beyone belief for my sis-in-law. I love her (and my other SIL) like real sisters and I miss them almost daily. It'll be so much fun! PRAY FOR GOOD WEATHER!!!

Remember my Spring Cleaning post? Well, the organization is still there, but the clean home I was proud of 3 weeks ago is starting to go. This "widowship" of mine is starting to wear me down. In the evenings, when I should just do the dishes and fold the laundry, I've started to re-watch the new Pride and Prejudice (Ooh! I'll save a post for that one) or watch Amazing Race for the 5th time (LOVE that show!) or pick up a novel or call my sister. I think my sould is missing DH's soul and when we're apart, it's hard to be my motivated self. That's why I promised that TODAY, the first day Not having to drive #1 to school, will be my cleaning day. So, of course, I'm here blogging instead. ARGH! Will the cycle never end?!?!? Oh, the humanity!

Well, I guess I'd better get cleaning....okay, maybe after I write about Pride and Prejudice....


tamrobot said...

aw! I love you too sister! I'm so excited for you to come down. I'm sorry about your widowship. I have a feeling it might be like that for me and Jared for the first few years. He has to put in pretty long hours! I guess that is life. At least we'll have weekends.

I remember I loved Pride & Prejudice when I read it in high school, but I don't really remember it. I'll have to reread it.

Cheryl said...

Yes! Re-read it! The best novel ever written...and it's intelligent, romantic, exciting, and fun.

Yay! We're coming tomorrow!

tamrobot said...

Aha! The percent chance of rain has reduced to 10%! Yay!