Sunday, March 12, 2006

Update on the NON-herpes

Okay, it's not herpes.

Well, the dr. thought it was, and I spoke with my other dr. today (yay! He's in my ward!) and he believes it's SHINGLES. Oh, yes, because this is so much better than herpes!

At least shingles makes sense. I had chicken pox when I was....was....really young. Hmmm..when did I have chicken pox? Anyways, I had the pox and then a strain of that virus stayed dormant for 15-20 years (according to the dr. ) and then, because of stress, the virus has flaired up and left its mark across my upper right forhead which has caused my lymphnodes to expand and thus cause headaches. It will go away on its own eventually and I need to be grateful it's not the worst kind --the kind that constantly burns and makes me want to cut off my head.

Here's to not cutting off my head!!!

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