Monday, March 06, 2006

A Simple Walk

Since I was running late, dh took the girls to Church a little earlier, and #3 and I walked by ourselves to the meetinghouse. It's only 2 blocks down the street --not too far, and so I knew #3's little legs would make it. After Church, I had to stay for some Primary things, so dh took the girls home and left #3 for me to walk with again.

It was a beautiful day. So full of light and fresh air --so perfect. #3 and I walked very, very slowly --of course -- and he was so happy to be outside. He held onto my hand tightly (very rare that he would let me hold his hand) and babbled and babbled at everything he saw.

This Simple Walk made my entire week. My month. Maybe even my year. Nothing spectacular happened --we just walked together.

Amazingly enough, I was reminded at how much I love my children. How much I love being their mother.

I think the "funk" is gone... :)

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FrogLegs said...

Fresh air does a body good... and a little one with you makes it that much better! I'm glad the funk has passed!