Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Where is my Spring?

The winter is starting to wear on me. Anyone else? We get a few days of sunshine, and then the clouds roll in for a week. ARGH! I want the sun! March 1st -5th was looking good. Not now.

You would think, having lived my entire life between Idaho, Utah, and Canada (okay, Canada is a stretch, but I go there A LOT) that winter would excite me. The problem is that I cannot:

A) Ice Skate

B) Ski or Snowboard

Yes, I know, it's quite sad. The only things I love about winter are warm cozy fireplaces and hot chocolate and romantic movies. Oh, and Christmas. Love Christmas! But this lasts about 2 months. Nov-Dec. Love winter. Exciting. Leaves changing, first snow, first cuddly sweater.

Then I'm done. Usually around mid-Jan.

Because of this, parts of me want to move to DH's stomping grounds of So. Cali. (like this photo of me last year at the beach). Glorious weather year-round! Being outside year-round without freezing! Yay! No freezing!

Ahh, but it will probably never happen. And even if it did, I wouldn't like it there, either. I'd be too concerned with the fact that there are no discernable seasons and I would long for my hot chocolate and fireplaces.

So, the solution is for the weather to be as follows:

Winter will last 2 months. Spring will last 4. Summer will last 3. Fall will last 3. That way we will have beautiful flowers for most of the year, and we'll get to enjoy the crispness of Autumn, and the scorching Utah heat and the Depressing Utah cold will be but a short while --long enough to be appreciated and short enough to be missed.

~sigh~ Please come, Spring! AND STAY THIS TIME!

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