Saturday, March 18, 2006


DH bought a Roomba.

For those not knowing what this is (I admit I didn't either) it is the robot vaccuum. Vacuum? Vaccum? How do you spell vaccuum?!?!? Anyways, it does by itself.

It's actually pretty cool! It'll vac...clean the whole upstairs, wood or carpet, and sweep up everything (except large objects your regular vac...cleaner won't pick up) and then it'll go back to its "Home" when it is finished. It won't go over stairs, and you can set up a lazer thing that will act like a wall so it won't go down hallways or into certain rooms. It's small and so it goes under the beds and in hard to reach places.

I was skeptical at first. I can much faster on my own! But we can turn this on at night and it'll do everything for us. So, I'm getting converted. And the kids think it's fun.

Oh, and DH lovingly named it "Poomba" (the kids LOVE the Lion King movie...).

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