Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crazy #3

#1 and #2 never had any problems with curiosity like #3 has. Oh, and #1 and #2 are girls, while #3 is my only boy. (so far)

He is crazy! A good kind of crazy, although I often wonder if I'll be the one that goes crazy. He gets into everything, throws everything, and tries to climb everything. So, of course, everything has to be "baby-proofed" tens times more than when I baby-proofed for my girls. The cabinet you see him opening? Not locked shut. So, we had to re-proof. Every door in the entire house? Good ol' door-knob thing-a-ma-jingers. Every cabinet? Locked. All things digital or otherwise takes batteries? Hiding. He has really kept us on our toes, but I have to say that the journey has been a delightful one. No matter how many times I have to run across the room to save him, or an object, I still enjoy having the adorable guy around. Especially when he gives me those wet kisses. Ooh, I just love those kisses!


Jan said...

So you're saying there are kids who don't do those things! Give me one of those!

Mine is right there with your #3--every cabinet locked, every remote out of sight, etc. Luckily, she hasn't leared how to open doors yet, but we keep all the kitchen table chairs pushed in all the time so she can't climb on them and are constantly saying "Don't bounch on the couch/play in the toilet/touch the computer/etc." I'm just grateful for the lock feature on cell phones--we'd have had numerous calls to China by now without it, I'm sure.

Too bad we can't get our kids together to play. .. . .maybe someday I'll visit you again!

Cheryl said...

My girls were just never like this! Or like yours --and I don't feel sorry for you...:) :)

They would get into things, but they understood "no" and they often would rather sit and play with the toys they knew they could play with.

I would love to have our kids play time you're in UT let us know so the "WAH POSSE" can get together again.. :)