Tuesday, March 21, 2006

How to get your kids to eat Spinach....

I can't believe it. I still cannot believe it.

I made Quiche tonight. Or maybe it was a Frittata. Whatever it was, it was that delicious egg casserole dish that women serve at all their enrichment parties, book clubs, and luncheons. Personally, I love the stuff, and so I thought I'd try it with my kids.

I made it with eggs (duh!), cheese, bacon (real bacon, yes I will admit it), green onions, and spinach. Lots of it. Almost the whole bag!

And they ate it. They ate it! They ate A LOT of it! My picky, picky #2 ate one slice. #1 ate 2 1/2 slices. #3 ate 3 whole slices. I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I had even told them what was in it. And they still tried it and they loved it.

I found a way to get them to eat something green! I'm still so excited (not that you can tell)!
Yay! Quiche rules!

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