Friday, February 17, 2006

Not too good with confrontation....

I cry. I yell. I whimper, and sometimes I retreat in haste.

And yet, I'm usually the one causing the confrontation because I CANNOT STAND BEING SILENT when something needs to be addressed. I hate fakeness. I hate hypocrisy. I hate staying quiet so I don't "rock the boat"...

Without revealing too much, my family is okay with confrontation. Especially my mother's side of the family (you know who you are!! :) ). This can be good and bad. Here are the reasons why....

--People get their feelings hurt
--People get offended and lash back
--People stop wanting to be around you
--Overly sensitive people will think you hate them

--Nothing to hide
--No secrets, no lies
--No hypocrisy and genuine honesty
--No holding things in until you explode and then needing years of anger therapy

I have found that confrontation can be a good thing in my life. Those family members in which we avoid confrontation at all costs are the strained relationships. We're always walking on egg shells and padding around hoping that so-and-so won't be offended.


So, even though the world is a louder place when me, my mom, my grandma, my sisters, my cousins, and all my aunts get together (NOTE: THIS AFFECTS THE FEMALES IN THE FAMILY --THE MEN HAVE IT EASY), it is a wonderful, wonderful experience.

Here's to tellin' it like it is!

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