Friday, February 17, 2006

Getting a maid?

My husband is all for it. He was raised in So. Cali and had a maid come to his family's home every week or so for years and years.

My stock comes from So. Canada --ironically from the same Pioneer stock my husband's family is from. However, location is the key --and perhaps cultural lifestyle. Women clean their own homes and gosh darn it! if anyone sees your home less than stellar, they will know you have failed somehow!

I know that logic is flawed. I'm a little too liberated to honestly believe that housework is more important than raising my kids or doing service for others. My mom always says that it should be clean for me, not for anyone else.

But I find myself at my wits end. DH works long hours all week and we both have demanding callings. I have 14 piano students and my 3 crazy kids take up all my time. I have tried, tried, tried to keep my house as clean as I can. My standards have lowered QUITE a bit since having #3, but it still isn't clean enough for me. DH helps when he can, but he's tired, too!

So, do I get a maid? Will it bring shame to all the hardworking SAHM's that have come before me? Will the guilt ever leave if I do? I do not know....

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TftCarrie said...

A few months before I had #2, my dh came home and suggested we get someone to come clean the house once a week. I immediately went on the defense, but before any words escaped my mouth I realized what a blessing this would be and how my dh knew how I would much rather do just about anything than clean the house. So instead of freaking out over this stupid idea that a "good" wife and mother should be able to keep her own house clean, I just said "THat is a great idea". I found a woman that very next day and it was the best decision I had made in a long time! Go for it!!!!!!